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Monday, November 23, 2015

Been a hot minute since I've posted here, so I thought it was time to do a catch up. Last weekend, Juston and I attended his annual President's Gala to honor school supporters of each campus all around the state. It was in Lexington in the same building that houses Rupp Arena on the same night as a game, so there parking was fun. It's nice to get all gussied up every now and then. My parents kept Caroline for the evening for us. 

 My Dress is from Nordstrom by Dress the People I think. The sizing is SUPER weird on it. It says to order a size up from your regular size, but I have a pretty wide upper body, so I ended up going up two sizes from usual for fit up top but then the length was almost six inches too long and I didn't get it until the day before. A few well placed safety pins kept everything where it needed to be for the evening. Hah. I need to either learn to tailor or find a good one in town. My earrings and bracelet are Loren Hope. 

Caroline, for as much as she seemed to despise travel as a little baby, has surely changed her tune in her toddler years. She's always up for a road trip now and when we don't have one planned, she takes "pretend trips". She emerged from her bedroom one day wheeling this suitcase and told me she was going to Charleston to visit our friends Miss Kristy and Mr. Christian. Yes, we took the suitcase everywhere that day. 

She was so funny grocery shopping one day last week. We hit the cookie/ candy aisle and she picked up every type of Oreo package and finally I asked her what she was doing. She said, "Mama, I just want to smell them. I love oreos sooo much." I have no idea where that came from but it was hilarious. No, she did not get the oreos. 

Saturday, we had a mother-daughter-dolly tea party hosted by the local chapter of the AAUW. It was absolutely the cutest little event and the hosts left no stone unturned. I wore the outfit above. Dress is by Topshop and runs pretty true to size. My boots are Frye look-a-likes from Target. Necklace is old from a boutique. 

Here's a few pictures from the tea party. Sorry for the terrible quality, I only had my antique iPhone 4 with me. 

Each girl had her own placecard and place setting complete with tierra for their dolls. Next to each of their chairs, a high chair was attached to the table for their dolls to sit next to them. The girls all had tables together and the moms had their own tables close by. Each girl and her doll was introduced by a real English butler and escorted to her seat by a princess. 

There was an etiquette lesson before their tea and snacks were served and it was just about the cutest thing ever. The lady giving the etiquette lesson went over the use for each piece of silverware. Caroline picked each piece up and held it in the air until she started talking about the next pice. The girls all learned to properly curtsey and the art of writing Thank You notes. I can't say enough good things about this event, it was so well done.  

And check out the adorable cupcakes! That's an edible fondant tea set on top of the cupcakes. That was probably Caroline's favorite part of the event. 

Saturday evening, Juston and I had the Hospice of Hope gala here in town so that made two weekends in a row of getting dressed up and hitting the town;) 

I absolutely love this dress. It's Vince Camuto and I got it at Dillards a couple of weeks ago. My shoes are from Off Broadway and were only like $45. They look a lot like the gold bow Kate Spade shoes but for way less than half the cost. You can't tell from the picture, but my dress has the most beautiful jeweled collar. 

On Sunday morning, Caroline's Godsighters class was performing the songs they have been learning during church for everyone to see. She's the youngest one in her class so I'm always interested to see what she'll do with these types of situations. She stood right up there in front of the whole congregation and did her dance moves and sang with everyone else and I was so proud. She gave her fan section (my family in the balcony) a shout out on her way back down the aisle. 

I'm super excited for a bit of a slow down this week and really looking forward to having Juston home a few extra days, spending some quality time with my family and tearing up some amazing food! I have four things to make and take to Mom and Dad's for Thanksgiving Day, most of which I'll probably make ahead on Wednesday except my mashed potatoes. I hope everyone has a relaxing week filled with food, fellowship and family! Hopefully, I'll manage to post a little bit more this week.

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