Loving Lately

Thursday, November 12, 2015

I have found a few products, projects and items lately that I have just been loving so far, so I thought I would share a few of them with y'all in case anyone is looking for some of these things I'm sharing. 

I was in a shop in Lexington last week and came across these Tervis Tumbler sippy cups and just had to give one a try. Now, they are pricey at around $20 for the lady bug cup I picked up, but we have tried and tossed so many sippy cups that in my mind, if this one works well, it's worth investing in it to me because it's something Caroline literally will use every day. We've been using it for about a week now and so far love it. Our everyday drink cups are our monogrammed tumblers we got from our wedding, so I knew I was getting quality with this brand and it has been worth it. I may invest in one more since we will likely be using sippy cups for a while longer. The ones I've linked above from Amazon are a bit cheaper in the $15-17 range. 

I'm not a huge makeup person on a day-to-day basis, but I do have occasions a few times a week that will warrant me putting it on and recently a friend recommended this Lorac Pro Palette and I absolutely LOVE it! I've been using the Naked 3 palette for a while now, but this one is so much better in my opinion. There's no fallout when you're applying it and the colors show so well and stay all day without settling. I can't recommend this enough and there's any color you could want. 

I got Caroline these tennis shoes a couple of months ago and they have been my favorite tennis shoes for her so far. They have a really wide sole and are so easy to slip on and off. They come in a few color options for boys and girls, but I always seem to get pink tennis shoes for Caroline and myself :)

My loving lately isn't just purchases, I've been in such a baking mood lately! Something about the weather turning cool makes me so eager to get in the kitchen and work, particularly baking. I made these cinnamon rolls last week when my sister's kids spent the night. I'll only make things like this when there are plenty of people to share with! I will share the recipe for these next week. 

Crafting. I've been searching Pinterest for some seasonal crafty projects I can do for and with Caroline and I think making one of these little feather headbands is at the top of the list presently. It would be a great little tool to use to begin introducing the meaning behind Thanksgiving to a toddler. I image link doesn't offer any instructions, only the photo, but I think it will be simple enough to figure out, so a trip to the hobby store will be in the near future. I could see my nieces enjoying helping with this as well as a way to keep busy while the mama's get all the Thanksgiving fixin's ready. 

Well, I've rambled on long enough I suppose, but if you've got anything you're loving lately, share in the comments so I can check some new ideas or activities out!

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