Thanksgiving Weekend

Monday, November 30, 2015

 We sure managed to cram a heckuva lot of fun into a long Thanksgiving weekend around our parts. Juston was off work Thursday and Friday so it was so nice having the lazy mornings together. He actually decided to forego hunting a whole weekend to be home when Caroline and I woke up in the mornings. We're not that lucky most weekends during hunting season. Thursday, we had plans to meet my family at my parents house for Thanksgiving lunch. I bring a dessert and a few sides, most of which I had prepared the night before so I wouldn't be stressing out and running around like a crazy lady the morning of. It ended up being such a great meal, like it always is when my mom cooks and it's just always so nice all of us gathering around the table for a meal. I'd love to do it that way with the whole family every Sunday, but with my sister's kids schedules, it's nearly impossible. 

Can you find Catty Cat? He probably wasn't too happy with me getting rid of the fall decorations this week. He's taken up residence in the hay bail since we put it out at the end of September. We saved the hay to put into the dogs house and made the car a little bed of hay, too, so hopefully he's not too mad at me. 

Thanksgiving day outfit. Leggings are indeed pants on Thanksgiving. Not any other day though. Pearl necklace is Beaufort Linen Company. Vest is Patagonia from Moosejaw. Chambray is J Crew Factory. Leggings are Gap and Boots are Target. 

Me, my parents and my sister. 

It's blurry, but the only one I got of the three of us that day. 

When we got home Thursday evening, I got right to the business of getting the Thanksgiving decor taken down and put away to get the house tidied up and ready for the Christmas decorations. My goal Thursday was primarily to get the trees up after sweeping and mopping the floors. We do our big tree in the living room, a small "Charlie Brown" tree in Caroline's room that she decorates herself and then Juston does his Redneck Christmas tree in the basement. I'll have to share that one with y'all once he gets it all done. 

Friday we actually got the trees decorated, but not before finding a special guest in the tree that morning.  Atticue Finch the elf is back in town and he brought Caroline a Cow Tail (her new favorite treat), all the way from the North Pole. She just kept giggling when she saw him and it was just precious. 

 After I hit the gym for awhile to make amends for my piggy ways the day before, we got to decorating. 

Caroline's tree. 

Caroline was actually a big help decorating the big tree this year. If I remember right, she wasn't very into it last year after just a few minutes and peaced out. But this year, she helped for a good long time and really got into it. She was making up stories about where each ornament came from and by the time she finished, the tree was a bit bottom heavy, but I love it. 

Saturday night we headed to Lexington's Horse Park to catch the Southern Lights. We've gone every year for a long time now. My parents rode with us and we followed my sister and her family. After driving through all the lights, we headed inside for the attractions. 

Saturday, we cashed in on Juston's anniversary gift and headed to Knoxville to watch the Vols take on Vandy at Neyland. My husband has loved Tennessee football his whole life, so it's always fun to surprise him with a trip to Knoxville. This trip was extra special though because we decided to bring Caroline along for our first family football game. It was a great atmosphere as usual, we made some new friends once we got to our seats and the Vols got a W. Caroline really loved it. We did leave right after the 4th quarter started, but I think she could have lasted the whole game, we were more just trying to beat the crazy traffic after the game. 

Sunday, more Christmas decor went up, I got in another great workout and we lazed around watching Disney Junior and relaxing. I did get a bit of present wrapping done, but nowhere near enough. I was busted by Juston and Caroline so that had to be put on hold for now. I can't believe the holidays are here. I feel like it was just summer yesterday, but ready or not, it's time to deck the halls. Hope everyone's holiday was restful and wonderful. 

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