21 Weeks

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Barefoot and pregnant...perpetuating Southern stereotypes

How far along? 21 Weeks yesterday

Total weight gain: 7 pounds

Maternity clothes? Yes with jeans and leggings. Also, under the bump maternity pants are the only way to go. I hate the ones that come up under your tatas, so uncomfortable. 

Sleep: Caroline and I have both had colds since our trip to Harlan last weekend so sleep hasn't been so great since then.I think last night we both turned a corner though and slept great for the first time in a few days. A vaporizer and some Vicks vapor rub seemed to do the trick!

Best moment of the week: The anticipation of all of the Christmas fun that's right around the corner has me so excited. It's a little bit bittersweet because it's our last Christmas with just the three of us. Weird things like that make me sort of blue. I just don't want Caroline to ever feel slighted at all once she's not an only child anymore so every time I realize we're doing something for the last time with just one baby, I feel a little bit guilty I guess.

Food cravings: Really had a hankering for Ginger Ale and grapes here lately. I will also be doing some real damage on Christmas day with mom and dad's Christmas breakfast and our Christmas dinner. Can't wait!

Feeling? Still really feeling great. I attribute it to my regular workouts and mostly eating well. I can never get enough fruit and water it seems. I've also had more of a sweet tooth than usual lately. I'm hoping it's just a passing thing! 

Baby Goodies Acquired: I grabbed a few matching Christmas outfits for the kids for next year while they were on clearance at some of my favorite little boutique shops.I still haven't really purchased any major stuff because outside of his clothes and crib bedding, I don't think we'll be needing much else.

Here's a couple of their coordinating Christmas threads for next year! It'll be so strange having two running around by then!

Here's one more belly shot. It's better lighting. I feel like I've started to show a lot more this week than I was even last week. Baby boy must have taken a growth spurt. We still have yet to agree on a name. I'm struggling... Merry Christmas y'all! I probably won't be posting anymore this week. Just going to be cooking, baking and wrapping up and storm and enjoying all that Christmas has to offer. Hope everyone has a blessed and special Christmas with the people you love most!

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