Baby Boy Nursery Ideas

Thursday, December 17, 2015

As it turns out, I'm decisive about very little when it comes to a baby boy. With Caroline, I was so certain about everything from the moment we knew we were having a girl. Her name was already chosen, I'd picked a color scheme for her nursery, I had a list of sewing projects for her room I was working on almost get the idea. Heck, this boy baby still doesn't even have a short list of names that Juston and I can both agree on. Just when I think we've got it pinned down, I change my mind. I do know one thing for certain with him though, his room will have checkered bedding. At least the important things are nailed down ;) 

I'm about 90% sure that the navy buffalo check bedding pictured below will be what I go with for his crib. I love it so much. I initially was going to go with a light blue check, but I think this will transition better as he gets older so that I won't have to completely overhaul it at any point. 

Here are a few of my favorite nursery inspiration ideas I have found via Pinterest.

We will definitely be using the same crib Caroline used, which was my dad's. It is really simple and white, so I love the look with the checks. I am most likely going to have to order the fabric and have his bedding made, or make it myself. I really love that highboy in the nursery above. Right now, we still haven't decided for sure where we'll be putting the boy. We only have three bedrooms and we really need our guest bedroom. We have overnight guests very frequently and I want them to have their own space when they stay for comfort and privacy, but right now, the most likely option is that boy is going in the guest room once he moves out of his cradle by our bed. Caroline's room is painted pink and I hate the thought of re-doing her room to put the baby in there because I don't want her to feel displaced in any way at all, but it's not completely off the table that we could maybe repaint a wall and put the crib on it. Honestly though Caroline's room and the guest bedroom are both super small.

While I am a buffalo check lover, I also really love this navy gingham. Juston prefers it to the bigger checks, but he won't be the one buying or sewing it, so I take that with a grain of salt ;)
I think this aviation bedding is just adorable!

If we do end up deciding to put both kids in one room , it will probably look a little something like what you see above. There wouldn't be room for much more furniture than that. Right now, Caroline's room still has her toddler bed in it, but we do have a white iron daybed that some friends handed us down from their daughter to move into her room sometime soon. 

As far as the walls for baby boy, I've found a few things that I think are just too cute.

 Juston is a hunter, so I feel sure he'll get on board with the antler rack on the wall. Only problem I foresee is him trying to use a real deer head or something tacky like that. In fact, I'd almost guarantee the thought has crossed his mind already. 

How sweet are these little watercolor animal prints. My dad drew some similar animals for Caroline's room when I was decorating it. I don't know if I 'll ask him to do anything for this baby or not. Mama has a pretty long honey-do list for him to tackle and I don't want to get in the way of that!

I also really love the looks of this gallery wall. I'm not typically a fan of these things, but something about the smaller scale of this one, I really like. 

This Peter Pan quote will 100% be getting purchased or made for the room. I have always loved this quote and the movie so it's just perfect. 

And finally, I really like the storage ideas in the photo above. The crates on wheels for toys and the shelving I like for keeping books. I think overall, I just love how bright this room is. 

So there you have it...a list of might-could-be but still not-so-sure decorating ideas for the nursery of the baby boy who still has no name. 

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