Christmas 2015

Monday, December 28, 2015

What a great Christmas we were blessed with! I thought I'd start off by sharing a few of our decorations...nothing special, just the usual stockings and tree photos, but I always love to document them anyway. 

One thing I for sure want in our next house is a fireplace with a big pretty mantle where I can hang our stockings and decorate with magnolia leaves and lights. We make due for now though by hanging them in the bedroom off of the armoire. It does make Santa's job just a bit tougher though. 

Caroline's little tree in her room.               Our main tree in the living room. 

I forgot to take a picture of Juston's redneck tree that he puts up in the basement every year. It's quite impressive. Almost everything on it he either shot or drank. It's a dozy. 

The entrance to our home. I love these nutcrackers my parents gave us a few years ago. 

Now on to the celebration.  On Christmas Eve, we always go to my parents house and each child and grandchild gets to open one gift, which contains the year's Christmas pajamas.

Here's all the grand kids patiently waiting the green light to open. After hanging out at my parents for a bit, we headed home but toured around downtown first to let Caroline see all the Christmas lights aglow. She loved it.

When we got home, we were running around like crazy people trying to get everything done that we needed to and still get Caroline to bed at a decent hour. She fixed Santa up with a real nice plate of cookies and some milk. 

Her first gift from Santa was a new Sophia helmet to use for her bike and scooter when she rides. She is the best little present opener. She takes her time, removing one piece of tape at a time, and just wants to sit and play with whatever she just opened, not really worrying if she has more gifts or not. That's my goal in not ever getting her much for Christmas or birthdays is that she'll really appreciate the things she does get. 

After we open our gifts at home, we head back to my parents to open gifts with the whole family. After the whirlwind of present opening, Mom always makes the best Christmas breakfast for everyone while the dad's assemble toys and the kids play with what they've opened.

Strange to think that we'll have an addition to our little family picture next year!

My parents with all the grand children. 

The OG', my parents and my sister. 

Christmas dinner is something we started doing at our house a few years ago and I really love cooking for everyone. I made ham, mashed potatoes, dressing, macaroni, bread dip and caramel cake and Juston deep fries the turkey. Everything turned out great and the kids and adults all loved their presents. We used to haul our gifts for everyone down to mom and dad's the morning of, but when we started hosting dinner, we decided it'd be nice for the kids to have one more present to look forward to that day. My favorite part of the holidays is always being together with everyone. It all passes by in such a blur and in the end, all you really think about once it's over is the memories you made with the people you love and we made lots of fun new memories this year. 

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