Date with Daddy

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

This past weekend, the cutest thing happened..Juston came knocking on our front door with flowers and a box of chocolates in hand to take Caroline out for a date. I told her to open it since I knew it was for her. He handed her the flowers and asked if he could take her on a date to the movies. She quickly responded, "Yes, You certainly may, Husband." I got it all on video tape and I am SO glad I did!

I told Juston I thought this would be a great monthly tradition for them to do together. By the time Caroline is old enough to start dating (around 30 years old), I want her to have very high expectations of how she deserves to be treated and that all starts with her Daddy. 

Ignore the Christmas mess in the background, but he helped her put her coat on. I made sure she had on a nice little outfit with her hair done and she even asked to put on some of perfume. She knew she was going someplace special, but that was all we'd told her.

And since it was raining, ever the gentleman, he had a umbrella waiting to take her to the car. It was seriously the cutest little scene you could ever see. They went to the movies to watch Alvin and the Chipmunks and Juston even sprung for movie priced popcorn. After that, they played in the arcade outside the movies and went for ice cream at the Dairy Queen.  

We are lucky to have Juston home for two weeks during the holiday break. Since he works for a college, they close down the campus over the holidays and he has those two weeks off to hang out at home with us. We always love this time of year just getting to be together all the time all day. It sort of spoils us and stinks when he has to head back to work, but we certainly enjoy the time off we do all have together to just bum around the house and do not a whole lot of anything.

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