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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

When I first saw these Beaufort Bonnet Company pajamas, I fell in love with them! But at that time, we didn't know that new baby was a boy, so I didn't get them. Well they sold like hotcakes and when I tried to order them, the website was sold out so I went on a wild goose chase and finally managed to track them down in the sizes the kids will wear next Christmas. They came in last week and are just the softest, most adorable little jammies. 

 Noelle Noteven a Mouse Night Night by The Beaufort Bonnet Company

 Knox's Noteven a Mouse Night Night The Beaufort Bonnet Company

I just think those little hiney flaps on the rear are the cutest thing! They are faux flaps but monogrammable so I will definitely be adding some initials. I finally found ours from Castle House Cincinnati and Layette Dallas if you're still hunting for some yourself. I do know the company is coming out with Christmas pajamas again next season, it will be a different design though.

I came across these Draper James mittens on their Instagram this weekend and are they not so fun! I don't know where went, probably the same place as all the left socks, but I have not been able to find my mittens for the last two winters, so I needed a new pair and ordered the black and white. I liked the navy and pink better, but most of my coats and outerwear are black so it made more sense to buy what matched what I already had. 

There are few things I love more when pregnant than cute stretchy britches! As soon as I saw these Lilly Luxletic pants, I wanted them. I have a pair of the cropped Luxletic and really love them, so I snagged these as well. I ordered two sizes up from my normal size in Lilly and got a large. Honestly, maybe it's just my shape but I feel like the Luxletic line runs super small, plus pregnant and all, so it made sense to get the Large. I haven't gotten them in yet, so who knows. I typically size up in active wear anyway, but like I said, these seem super small to me.  

I dragged all my Christmas decorations out the day after Thanksgiving and when I got my front entrance all gussied up, I realized I didn't have a festive garden flag for the season, so I found the one pictured above and it came in late last week. I love how it looks and just have one more large decoration to add out front and our entrance will be all decorated. I will try and snap some pictured if I think about it to share. I love how homey Christmas decor makes a house feel. 

I started Christmas shopping back in September and have been finished for awhile now, I just have one more thing left to order for Juston and I'm done! I have never been so on my game Christmas shopping before, which I'm sure means I'm forgetting something or someone so obvious, but for now, I'm just going to enjoy being finished and wrapping everything. Hopefully, I will get some pictures and share our holiday decorations here soon.

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