The Big 4-0

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

We had a pretty big birthday to celebrate around our parts this past weekend. Juston turned 40 this past Saturday!  Gosh, that sounds so much younger than it used to but it's still a lot of years! I planned a surprise party for Friday evening and invited some of our close friends and family over. I'd been working all day in the kitchen to have some of his favorites on hand for an appetizer spread and the most time consuming cake I have ever made, but was so excited to tackle. 

It was supposed to be a 12 layer cake, but I was a little too generous with my batter I reckon because I barely eeked out 11 layers. This thing was a labor of love but so worth it! He loved it and I'd say it may now be our annual birthday cake. 

For his birthday, I got Juston a fishing/ camping weekend in Eufala, Alabama this spring. He was so excited about the foods I'd made for his party! My man will never turn down a good appetizer spread, so I made Cocktail Weenies (this was the highlight for him!), Meatballs, pineapple cheeseball, a cheese, meat and cracker tray, ham sandwiches on Hawaiian rolls and the giant cake.


On top of  the big birthday celebration, we also had Juston's work Christmas party at the end of last week. It's always at a bowling alley/ arcade the next county over from ours and we have taken Caroline the last two years. Our girl will not turn down a party!

Saturday, we were off to Southern States to meet Santa and Caroline was just too cute! She walked right up to him and hugged him, then sat in his lap, cheesed real big for the photographer and hopped down turning to tell him Thank You. She said she asked him for a watch for next Christmas. No clue where that came from. 

There's not much of a slow down in sight for the next week at least. Juston has been in Texas twice already this month, once for work and once for his business, he has invited some of his co-workers over today for a cookout at lunch that I'll be cleaning and cooking up a storm for, we are heading to Harlan for his family Christmas later this week, I still have yet to get out the bulk of our Christmas cards (I may not have even addressed them yet), I need to finish gift wrapping and I have about 10 unfinished decorating projects I was hoping to have wrapped up before Christmas, but I may just have to let that one go for now. Hope everyone is enjoying this holiday season. I hate that it gets so busy that I almost feel like I can't enjoy it from running all the time, so I've been trying to take things off the calendar that aren't essential. It's not feeling much slower yet though!

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