We had a routine ultrasound last Friday to check in on baby boy. He weighed in at 7 ounces and wiggled and rolled the entire time. I still don't really feel any of what he's doing in there, so it's strange to watch him on a screen moving all over the place and not feel any of it going on. My midwife told us everything is looking great so far and I'm still feeling great. We still have yet to choose a name that we both agree on. I have a few I like, but none I love.  Boy names are tough, at least for me it seems. My choices are:
Harrison Scott
James Knox
Beau Carter 
Cole Scott

Like I said, I don't love any of them, but I can't think of a single boy name that I do love. Juston doesn't really like any of my picks but his are awful so there's that haha He actually, in all seriousness asked me if we chose the name Cole, could we spell it Coal. Ummmmm...no. And he just forfeited any name choosing credibility. You can take the boy out of Harlan...

Friday evening, we were back in town in time for the city's annual Twilight Christmas Parade. I think the parade this year was the most impressive I can remember. There were tons of really cute floats and lots of spectators.

 Watching on Uncle Kursten's shoulders.

After the parade, we headed home and snuggled up in our pjs and watched Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas.

 Before heading to the annual Hanging of the Greens service on Sunday. 

Hanging of the Greens is always one of my favorite church services of the year and this years was no exception. The music and decorations and message are always so amazing and just a great kickoff to the Christmas season. 

Matching Papa in her red dress coat.  

I can hardly believe that it's already Christmas time and practically time to start a new year! I feel like this one just started and it sure has been a great one. My hope is to just enjoy a laid back, unhurried holiday season with my family and try to enjoy seeing the holidays through the eyes of my three year old. Everything is magic to her and it's just an amazing thing to watch. Have a great week!

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