2016 Goal Setting

Thursday, January 7, 2016

I'm not really a resolution person. I've done them in the past, but I have found that I tend to have the most success sitting down at the end of one year or the very beginning of another and coming up with a list of somewhere between 10-15 overarching goals I would like to see myself accomplish over the course of the coming year. From there, I set monthly goals for myself that will move me closer to accomplishing my yearly goals, then break it down even smaller into weekly, and daily goals. The best way to break it down is to think about it in terms of wanting to lose weight, probably the most common goal people set for themselves in a new year. I had a goal to get in great shape last year and before I got pregnant, had lost twenty pounds. The way I got there was small, measurable goals along the way that added up. For example, I'd set my yearly goal to lose 20 pounds. From there, my January monthly goal was to lose 5 pounds over the course of that month. When it came to breaking down a weekly goal, I would have a weekly goal of losing 1.5 pounds, then set my daily to-do according to that goal. So a daily list would include weight lifting sessions, 40 minutes of cardio, no snacking in between meals, and drinking 8 glasses of water. You can apply this same logic to any big goal you want to set for yourself and chip away at it until you're there. I think where so many people stumble with resolutions is that they stop with the big goal. I want to lose twenty pounds. That's a huge goal and one that takes a lot of time and planning to accomplish. It seems much more doable when you say to yourself, okay, I'm going to lose one pound this week and these are the daily steps I'm taking to get there. I found it really helpful to sit down each Sunday night and write down my goals for the entire week, then come up with daily goals each night before going to sleep. Different strokes for different folks, but this is how I set myself up to be really successful. I was able to check off ten out of ten of my yearly goals from last year when I read the list last month and I felt really proud. I thought I would just share what worked for me in the event that anyone else would find it helpful. 

So to boil it down, buy a notebook, start big by coming up with your goals for the year, then break it down to smaller steps that will lead you to long term success. At the beginning of each new month/ week, put your goals in writing and list the steps you're going to take to get yourself there, one small, achievable step at a time and you can do it!

I wanted to share a few of my yearly goals on here to help keep me accountable as well. This isn't my entire list, but some of the highlights are on here and they are probably the same as a lot of other people's.

1. Get my Real Estate license this spring
2. Get back to my pre-pregnancy weight by the end of the summer. Pre-pregnancy shape I will give myself another month or two, but the weight should be easy enough to do so long as I'm successful breastfeeding and I make smart food choices. 
3. Run another 10K in the early fall
4. Complete a half marathon by the end of the year
5. Get $2,000 put into a savings account by July

My complete list has about twelve things on it right now. It may or may not expand from there. I may have completely lost my mind on this half marathon thing, but I like the idea of having a training deadline to give me something set in stone to work towards after having baby Boy in May. I also have some smaller random things like traveling to two new places, teaching Caroline to write her name and tie her shoes, Getting my garage organized. The usual suspects. 
What are y'alls goals for the new year and how do you set yourself up to be successful achieving them?

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