23 Weeks

Saturday, January 9, 2016

How far along? 23 Weeks on this past Tuesday...I'm running behind as usual

Total weight gain: 10 pounds up according to the Dr's scale. I obviously enjoyed the holidays, but it's back to eating healthy now for this mama. I feel like I got fat over the holidays...not pregnant, just fat haha

Maternity clothes:Yes

Best moment of the week: I had another ultrasound Monday so I got to see the boy with no name. Heart rate was strong at 146 bpm and everything else looked great, too. We had another ultrasound this visit because he wouldn't sit still long enough at our routine ultrasound for them to check all four chambers of his heart. He was fully cooperative this time, I'm happy to say.

Food cravings: Honestly nothing in particular. I tend to eat the same things for breakfast (2 eggs, whole grain toast and fruit) and lunch (salad and some protein) most days of the week anyway, but I haven't really craved anything...with maybe the exception of a burger from Cook Out ;)

Feeling: Feeling a little fluffy this week, but again, I think it's more of a product of poor diet over the last three weeks. I'm glad to be getting back into a routine and planning my meals this week.

Baby Goodies Acquired: Nothing this week. I'm still trying to get the house organized and de-cluttered from Christmas before I get started on anything nursery related. I'm always on the lookout for some sweet, soft sleepers for the first few months though.

Pregnancy Fitness: After two weeks off, I've added running back in this week and boy can I tell I took some time off from it. My initial goal was to be able to keep up my modified runs until six months, but seeing as how that's next week, I'm thinking I can keep going with them for at least a few more weeks. I don't do anything intense. My runs don't elevate my HR any more than the time I spend on the elliptical or rower or any other cardio equipment. When I do stop running, I plan to replace it with hill incline walking as fast as I can on a treadmill. I have a goal to do some races this year so I want that muscle memory to be as present as possible when I start training after Baby Boy gets here in the spring. It's weird to think that it's now the year he'll be born.

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