25 Weeks

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Shirt and Pants: Lilly Pulitzer Luxletic

How far along? 25 Weeks last Tuesday

Total weight gain: Up 12 pounds

Maternity clothes:Yep

Best moment of the week: Watching Caroline tackle her little art project...see my last post :)

Food cravings: Pancakes for dinner...but again, that's something I crave not pregnant haha

Feeling: Feeling good and definitely bigger these days! I think little one has taken a growth spurt the last two weeks. Certain ways he'll sit make my belly feel super heavy and then other times, I barely even feel pregnant. But overall, I've been very blessed to have felt so good this go around.

Baby Goodies Acquired: Nothing new this week. I feel like I'm sort of behind on one hand, but on the other hand, I'm not so worried like I was with Caroline's pregnancy about things like having the nursery perfect when I know he won't even sleep in it for a few months. 

Symptoms: Feeling pretty tired by the end of the day some days and obviously sporting a bigger belly. I'm starting to get itchy on my belly and the girls so I know they're growing ha. 

Pregnancy Fitness: Stayed pretty well on my normal schedule this week to spite the snow. I only got to lift three times, but I'm throwing in an extra workout tomorrow morning to make up for it. I got in five cardio workouts and one Pure Barre dvd workout this week, too. I've officially put running on hold until after baby gets here. I made it to six months still doing some modified runs each week, which was my original goal, so I'm glad to have made it that far, I don't want to push it. I'm just listening to my body and I try to keep my heart rate under 145-150 during the cardio portions of my workouts. Feeling great though. 

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