26 Weeks + Some Spring Workout Favorites

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Jacket: J Crew | Dress: Old Navy Maternity | Scarf: J Crew Factory | Boots: Target

How far along? 26 Weeks Tuesday! Can't believe I'm six and a half months already!

Total weight gain: Up 15 pounds

Maternity clothes: Pants for sure. And for the record, the  under bump pants are the only way to go. I have a couple pairs of pants I got on sale from Gap that have the full panel and they are such a pain. I'm not a fan. My under bump maternity pants are awesome though. 

Best moment of the week: Caroline can actually see the boy moving around now when we're laying down at night to go to bed. I'm not really sure what she thought about it, but I know she could see my belly moving. I think she understands that it's him doing it. 

Food cravings: Nothing

Feeling: Feeling pregnant ;) But really great. 

Baby Goodies Acquired: Hoping to hit Babies R Us while I'm in Lexington today and grab a couple newborn sized outfits and maybe a few other things we need like a changing pad cover and some solid (not pink) crib sheets. 

Symptoms: Some pain in my hips, but I can't really discern if that's workout related, or pregnancy related. Also, a basically constant runny nose. Not anything that keeps me from breathing, but I remember having drainage all the time with Caroline, too. 

Pregnancy Fitness: Still keeping up with my gym time! It's my only "Me Time" during the week and I honestly do not feel like myself without it. I am starting to get some funny looks (mostly from the males) when I pick up some heavy weights because it's pretty obvious at this point that I'm pregnant. Although, I'm always curious if the funny looks are because I'm pregnant in the weight room or if they're trying to figure out why I'm so fluffy when I'm in the gym all the time haha. Maybe I'm just being paranoid about the funny looks, who knows. 

Speaking of fitness and working out, I am seriously longing for some bright colored spring workout clothes. I have loved all of the Lilly Luxletic items I have purchased so far and for the most part they are pretty comparable to my favorite Lululemon items as far as the bottoms go. I do think the bottoms run very small in the capris and pants, but the tops seem to run true to size in my opinion. Here are a few of my current Lilly Pulitzer Lux faves...

I have this swing tank in solid pink and love how flowy it is. I tend to gravitate more towards loose, flowy tops for working out just for the breathability of the fit. I love doing colorful tops, too because I mostly only wear solid black on the bottom. 

Who doesn't love a good poncho? I'm thinking this is especially perfect while pregnant and will also translate into everyday wear easily as well. 

This pullover, I am going to have to have. I think it will still work with my bump for now and be perfect for after, too to throw on over a tank on cooler mornings when I'm heading out to the gym this spring. 

These pants are another must. Like I said, most of my workout pants are just solid black for practical reasons of lighter solid colors showing sweat so bad. I'm not trying to have swamp @$$ walking around the gym. And the fact is, if I'm not sweating buckets, I'm not working hard enough for myself to be satisfied (unless I'm doing Barre). This beauty of the busier Lilly print bottoms is that they don't show sweat thanks to the colorful patterns! These pants are another that I'm pretty certain I will get here soon. I think I'll go with the medium, so I'm not sure if I'll be able to wear these until after baby, but either way, I typically wear my workout clothes once a week whether for my workout of for my work since I wear the same types of things for both. 

And Kate Spade has some absolutely adorable workout clothes right now, too! I have never met a bow or black and white stripe combo that I didn't love....so to put them together, forget about it, I'm sold! How stinkin cute is this stuff!?

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