Cheers to the Weekend

Monday, January 11, 2016

Hard to believe January is already almost half over and another weekend has come and gone. I don't know about y'all, but our weekends just seem to fly by. It's way too fun having Juston to ourselves all weekend and no work to deal with. This past weekend was one of those great ones where we didn't really have a single thing on our schedule and it was wonderful. I am always so ready for a slowdown after all the running around that comes along with the holiday season. 

Saturday, I hit the gym as early as I could so I could get back home and hang out with the family. I was cleaning up in the kitchen when Caroline came in looking for a project. Caroline absolutely loves helping and doing jobs that you give her. She will just come up to me if I'm in the kitchen cooking and say "Can you give me a job, Mama?" I wonder what the likelihood is that she'll be so eager to help me in her teenage years? So, I decided that the perfect job for a Saturday afternoon was making No Pudge brownies and eating them right out of the pan afterwards. 

My girl is an expert taste tester and she gets it honest. If you've never tried No Pudge brownies, you should. They're a great alternative to the real deal. You just add a container of vanilla pudding to the box mix and bake it according to the box and they come out great. 

We spent the next few house lounging around and watching football. The big game in our area was the Bengals v. the Steelers and man, what a game that turned out to be. Honestly, I couldn't believe the way the Bengals blew it at the end. It was a solid reminder of why I follow college football, and not NFL. 

Sunday, I intended on going to church, but when I woke up there was SNOW, mind you, it was nearly sixty degrees the day before. They always say if you don't like the weather in Kentucky, wait five minutes and weekends like this past one are obviously the reason why. Crazy and I definitely prefer the warmer winter we were having up until yesterday. We are supposed to get snow a couple more days this week...counting down till spring. I swear I could totally be a snowbird and fly South for the winter to Florida or someplace tropical. 

I saw the picture above scrolling through Facebook over the weekend and just loved it. 

One of the ways I cope with my hatred of the cold weather is planning some weekend trips for us and we have some great ones coming up and if anyone out there reading has any recommendations of places to eat, shop, stay, see, etc, I'd love to hear them. 

First up, we are doing a day trip to Franklin, Tennessee to visit with some dear friends of our who recently moved there. I honestly don't know a whole lot about the city, but a few people I know have talked about how much they loved it when they visited, so we're excited, especially to see our sweet friends and meet their girls.

Next up is Southern Pines, North Carolina. I'm thinking his may actually end up being our Babymoon trip this go-around. I have been before on a quick visit with a friend, but it was just so cute, I need more time to explore this adorable little town. It's also very close to Pinehurst, NC. 

Last up that we currently have on the agenda is a combo trip to Eufala, Alabama, then on to Brundidge to see some people we just can't get enough of for our annual spring trip to their farm. We did a quick stop to Eufala the last time we went to Brundidge and even got to tour the gorgeous Short Mansion, but were still only there for maybe a couple of hours so I know there's got to be more to do and see...and eat!

So, if you have suggestions and recommendations, I'd really appreciate them! 

I thought I'd share a few of my Golden Globe favorites as well...honestly, I don't think I've ever watched the actual awards, but I love seeing what everyone wears!  Here are the ones I loved...


One more thing worth noting is that today, I am officially a student again! I'm starting the classes that I will need to become a real estate agent today. I am so excited for this and can't wait to get started. It's interesting timing being so pregnant, already working part time most evenings and with Juston being gone so much for work. Thank the Lord for my family! Hope everyone has a wonderful start to a wonderful week. 

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