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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Not really a point to my post today, just had a few random things on my mind that I thought I'd ramble about for a few minutes :)  Something about a new year just makes me want to clean , organize, purge and re-decorate my house. I've been having fun moving things around so far from one room to another and it's amazing what a difference it can make. I do have a few projects I'm wanting to tackle around the house before baby Boy gets here this spring, so we'll see if I actually get any completed. 

One thing I love in the winter time especially is having fresh flowers around the house to brighten up what can be some long gloomy days. I picked these up from the clearance rack at Kroger over the weekend. I expect they'll have tulips out sometime soon and I can never resist grabbing a bundle or two of those for the house.

I also picked up some longer-lasting flowers from an online boutique I came across via Instagram, Sweet Pineapple. I grabbed some of these small magnolia flowers to use in Caroline's room. The small size is sold out, but they do have large blooms still currently available on their site. 

On a grown up kid accomplishment note, I sent the selfie below to my husband earlier this week after filling my own tire at the gas station after my low pressure light came on. I had asked Juston to do it before he left town for work but he forgot and I didn't want to drive to my Dr. appt in Lexington on a low tire, so I used the handy tire pressure gauge my dad gave me a few years ago (I can't believe it was actually in my glovebox instead of some random drawer at my house), and filled it to the proper inflation. I was pretty proud of my meager accomplishment.

This little pink buggy absolutely has to accompany us on any grocery store run that we make the last few months. Caroline loves filling it with her little snacks and drinks and pushing it around. I typically do the store on a weekday morning so there aren't a ton of people to potentially mow her little pokey hiney down. I refuse to let her take it into Wal-Mart...people are nuts there. She doesn't even ask to get it out on the rare occasion we hit the Wal-Mart. She'll just say "I don't need my buggy here, Mama. These people are craaaaazyyy." Haha She is such a little sponge. 
And she sure loves the free cookies kids get from the bakery. Some of the employees act so annoyed when we stop to ask for it, but it always makes Caroline's day, so we ask anyway. I'm sure it maybe does get old being interrupted all day while you're trying to work.  

A ton of the clothing companies I follow on Instagram have been posting spring/early summer previews of their upcoming products and I have found mine and Caroline's swimsuits for this summer! Lauren JAmes posted these adorable vintage inspired gingham bikinis last week and I can't wait to get ahold of one. I haven't decided whether I want the blue or pink though. I figure it'll be perfect to cover up some post-baby pudge while I work on getting back in shape.

 Ordinarily, I would automatically go with pink just because it's my favorite color, but I'm thinking the royal blue may go better with my complexion and hair color. We shall see. I think these will be available in February if I remember correctly.

How adorable are the new Beaufort Bonnet swimsuits for Caroline?! I think I'm leaning towards getting her the yellow on because...bows...haha. But I do love a palm leaf print. I can't go wrong with either one though. They have released a ton of precious spring items for both boys and girls you can check out here

On a personal note, I am officially signed up to start my Real Estate courses next week. This is something I have been thinking about doing for years now, but I have finally taken the plunge and signed up. The classes are online through the local community college and if all the stars align, I should finish up and take my exam just before the boy gets here in the spring. 

I'm seriously so ready to get the ball rolling on this next little adventure. We don't live in a huge area, so I'm realistic about the limitations of selling in our area, but I plan on taking whatever I make from this and using it towards our travel and putting away for retirement. While I am realistic about this, I also don't want to limit myself either. There are so many different branches involved in real estate and I want to learn about them all. I think my heart lies in historic properties and restoration, so I'm excited to explore more of that. We have some really cool historic architecture in this little town. 

In pregnant lady news, I am officially feeling like a busted can of biscuits for about the last week. I honestly think it has more to do with over-indulging over Christmas break than it does being pregnant right now. I just want to eat nothing but fruit and vegetables and salads for the next two weeks and clean out my body. I hate feeling sluggish from knowing I've eaten poorly. I kept my exercise routine up over the break, but Lord did I enjoy some good food. I don't regret it, it just seems that it stays with you longer when you're carrying a baby ;) 

I guess that's it for my random thoughts for the day. Happy Wednesday.

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