Weekend in Review

Monday, January 18, 2016

Please tell me that we're not the only ones who basically just hunker down and hibernate all January waiting for spring to come? I mean, it's a small miracle I made it to the gym both days this weekend. I honestly sat in my car in the parking lot Sunday contemplating whether it was worth it to walk in that cold to get through the front doors. I did eventually get out, but it took some major self pep-talking! It got down to 4 (!) here over the weekend! Cold aside, Caroline and I were so excited to have an extra day with Juston home due to the MLK holiday. WE did a whole lot of nothing and loved every second of it. I'm almost embarassed to admit that I don't think I changed Caroline out of her pajamas all weekend with the exception of a few hours Saturday morning for a family donut date.


Earlier in the week last week, Caroline and I drove up to Northern Kentucky to catch a performance by the cheerleaders before they left for UCA Cheer Nationals this past weekend. We picked up my friend and former NKU cheer teammate Katherine on our way and got to watch NKU kill it! Along with Morehead teams and Kentucky who were all amazing! It was an amazing weekend for cheerleading in Kentucky, too! University of Kentucky, Morehead co-ed and Morehead All Girl all won their divisions. NKU and WKU all girl got third in their divisions, EKU got fourth in their division and WKU co-ed finished top ten I believe. I have always said that Kentucky is to cheerleading what Alabama is to football. If you want to be part of the best, get here! Some of my best memories of college revolve around my cheerleading days and I wouldn't trade them for anything.

Terrible picture, but I'm pretty sure this is one Caroline snapped!

How pretty are my clearance rack roses from Kroger?! I love this soft color palate for the winter months. The ivory and pale pink are so pleasing to my eye that I will scoop up any flowers in this color palate. Speaking of this color palate, I'm also LOVING this Laroque buffalo check top pictured below. They sold out of it before I could get mine ordered, so I'm really hoping they will re-stock it!

 I hope everyone's week is off to a great start already. My laptop has been protesting this weekend, so if I don't post as much this week, it's still being moody.

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