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Friday, February 19, 2016

I've mentioned before about all of my ongoing, still unfinished projects I have going on around the house, so I thought I'd post a progress (or lack of) post to document things as they come along. I'm pretty sure at this point, not a single room in my house is completely decorated, cleaned or organized and I don't feel like I'm getting much closer just yet. 

First there's what was probably my favorite room in the house, the guest room, that is in the process of transitioning into the nursery. I really hate giving up a guest room because we do have company overnight so frequently, but making this room the nursery just made the most sense when we went through our options. 

Terrible lighting and picture, I know, but as you can see, the room is still half and half now. I have the crib up and in, the rocker has been brought up from the basement (I'm trying to decide if I'm going to make a new cover for this or just leave it as is) and his clothes are hanging in the closet, but that's about it. I'm ordering the fabric to have the crib skirt made, then I'm using the same fabric and making valances for the windows, and I'm planning on just picking up some white shears to hang from the curtain rods. The flower painting will come down, too and I will get some nursery art on the wall. I haven't decided whether to leave the Derby picture on the wall or relocate it to the basement. Also, I hate that little night stand table so it's going to have to go, but I haven't decided whether to try and do a redo and paint it and get new hardware, or just find something I like for the space. 

Next is Caroline's room. I managed to get the bed put together by myself and had some sheets already, but still haven't gotten the duvet, quilt and shams for the bed. Pottery Barn says my duvet is on backorder until June (seriously, June!) and I don't want to order the quilt until I had the duvet on the bed. This is the smallest bedroom in our house and as you can see, even a twin bed seems pretty big in here, but we're making it work. I need to re-center her monogram so it's over the bed, add bedding and maybe rearrange some of her frames on the walls, but otherwise, not much to do in here. 

Ignore the mess on the bed. I'm in the middle of packing for an upcoming trip!

Then there was my little facelift in the guest bathroom, also the bathroom Juston uses. I asked him a while ago if I were to do a new shower curtain, what colors would he like me to use and he mentioned navy. So I ordered some navy fabric and had Juston cut me a valance to put over the shower and I covered it in fabric and made the matching curtains. This project has dragged on forever, but I think I finally have it wrapped up. The fabric is from Ballard Home Designs. 

I decided to add a splash of color with some green bath mats and towels. I'll share the finished product next week, but I really like the way it turned out. The art pictured above is by Erin of Erin M Originals Art. The monogrammed hand towel is Number Four Eleven. 

I have a few things yet to finish in the Master Bathroom and my little facelift in there will be finished, then I'm eyeing a new duvet, linen curtains and a chandelier for our Master Bedroom. What is it about changing one thing in a room that makes you feel like you want to change ten more?! I'm hoping the next room I'll have finished will be Caroline's room, then the nursery, then the Master bed/bath. At least that's sort of my order of priority at this point. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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