Caroline's Room

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

I'm looking to do a few small changes to Caroline's room as we are also in the process of preparing the nursery for our little boy. Right now, she has a toddler bed in her room, but we'll be taking that out since the mattress on that bed is the one we use for the crib. It would just be a waste of money for us to buy another crib mattress when Caroline doesn't sleep in that bed anyway, so we are going to put a twin bed in there that some friends of ours gave us when their daughter outgrew it. Basically, I'll just be re-arranging the furniture a bit, removing the toddler bed and rocker to put into the nursery, then adding in the twin bed and getting some bedding for it. I have a few bedding ideas in mind that I'm contemplating, but I seem to be having a hard time committing to anything for Caroline or the nursery at the moment, so I like seeing them all side by side to help me compare. 

I am absolutely in love with the Erin M Original print you see up above. I am keeping the same pink/white/gray colors in her room that I've had in it since I decorated her nursery, but I think the gold with pink could be a fun little accent as well. I have a few of Erin's art pieces throughout our house and I just adore all of them! And Erin is as sweet as she is talented. 

On to the bedding, the bed our friends gave us is a twin but turned like a daybed, so it has to be flush against the wall. I'm thinking I want to do a duvet cover in a solid color, then layer on either another duvet or a quilt. The pink and white ruffled quilt above it my favorite quilt option that I have found. I wish I could find a pink or gray toile quilt but I have searched high and low with no luck so far. I have found a pink toile duvet cover though, so I suppose I could do that and then a plain colored quilt. Like I said, Indecisive City over here. I'm typically so certain of what I want, but bedding can get expensive so I want to make sure and get it right. 

I love the gray buffalo check duvet cover above from IKEA, but I have buffalo check curtains in the living room and am most likely putting buffalo check bedding in the nursery so I don't want to be a one trick pony and have the same pattern in nearly every room of our house. The price of that duvet is hard to beat though. 

I am loving these white paper flowers for her room, too. I think they would add a fun dimension to the walls. 

I'm about 90% sure this plain white ruffled duvet cover and sham set from PB Kids is what I am going with as the base layer for her bedding, but it's so plain, it needs something to go with it, that's where the quilt idea comes in. I also thought about just doing a big pink monogram on this and calling it a day. I do think I will monogram the shams though. 

I love this white ruffled bedding, also from PB Kids. 

And the white ruffled duvet also comes in pink. The walls in her room are pink, so that would be overkill, but I did contemplate seeing if Juston would paint the room gray. Painting is probably his least favorite home project to take on so that'd be a last resort. 

The funny thing about me stressing over her little room update is that the child doesn't even hardly go in there. She sleeps with me and plays in what was the guest room and is currently transitioning into the nursery. Her bed will likely have to function as the guest quarters once baby boy arrives though, so I still want it to look pretty. 

Here's a few rooms that I love and will probably try to use some ideas from:


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