Five on Friday

Friday, February 5, 2016


I have long found myself drawn to anything gingham or buffalo check. I don't know what it is, but you put one of those patterns on something and I can hardly say no. Well, there are some adorable outfits in both gingham and buffalo check right now and I have picked up a few here lately that I thought I'd share in case anyone reading loves them as much as me.

Buffalo Check Dress
J Crew ruffle sleeve top


I have this little corner in our living room that I've got big plans for over the next couple of weeks. I feel like for me personally, it takes me so long to get a room just the way I want it in terms of the look, feel and function. I usually just end up doing one or two things in a room, then jump to another room and do the same there so that they're all sort of how I want them, but none feel completely "finished" to me. I keep a running list in my goal journal of things I want to add or adjust in each room or area of our home. So back to the little corner. I want to add a wingback chair that I need to get a slipcover and throw pillow for, then hang a couple of pictures of Caroline from a studio session I had done last spring. I imagine it being a cozy little corner for me to curl up with a book and read at night. I have a wingback chair that my parents are going to give me since it's just been sitting in their attic for years and then the slipcover and pillow I want are pictured below.

Number Four Eleven Linen Pillow                              Wingback Chair Slipcover


Speaking of changing it up in our home, I got Caroline's "big girl" bed put together in her room last night. It took me longer than I'd planned and I still haven't decided what bedding I want to order for it, but it's up and functional and I did it all by myself! I felt pretty legit when I got finished. And even more so when Caroline jumped on it and it was still standing and in one piece! It's the bed I mentioned some friends of ours gave us for her to use since their youngest daughter had outgrown it. I just love how girly it is. I really want to make sure that whatever bedding I choose compliments it well. I just wish our bedrooms weren't so tiny because even with it just being a twin bed, the furniture all seems so crammed in there.


I've found the cutest little gift for Caroline to give to her new baby brother when he gets here. It's basically the baby boy equivalent of the My First Purse for a little girl, but it's the My First Tackle box. Caroline has her own fishing pole and tackle box that she loves to play with, so this is just too perfect. I still haven't found a gift for baby boy to give her at the hospital when they meet for the first time, but I still have a while to search and decide.
My First Tackle Box


I am counting down the days until we leave for our Savannah/Charleston Lowcountry getaway week. My parents do sooooo much for Caroline and myself all the time from free babysitting to meals and anything you could thing of in between, so I wanted to do something special for them for Christmas this year. I bought a trip to the Lowcountry for them and Caroline and I are going to be their tour guides ;) We leave before too much longer and after the week I've have, our departure can not come soon enough. I swear, I can't for the life of me figure out why we haven't moved to the Lowcountry yet. Every time I take in the beautiful sight of the marshes and the smell of the pluff mud, I feel like I'm home. For now, I guess visiting as often as possible is just going to have to do. 

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