Five on Friday

Friday, February 12, 2016


Who else is in love with the new Lilly Pulitzer pineapple accessories?! I have loved pineapples forever and I love that they are so in right now, because it makes fun things like these all the easier to find.


Caroline has been begging to do some Valentine's Day activities like making her own Valentine cards and cupcakes. I'm heading to the grocery this afternoon with all of the ingredients for this recipe, pictured below.

I will be sure and let y'all know how it turns out after we make them!


How adorable are these Brittany Fuson baby boy Thank you notes?!  I haven't ordered them yet, but I'm thinking I may pick up a pack for baby boy thank you notes. 

I'm on the hunt for a marble topped antique chest to use as a changing table in the baby's nursery. I have an antique server in there right now that I love, but I don't want to use it in there for fear of scratching the top of it. A marble top would eliminate that worry for me.  I'm hoping to hit a few antique shops and shows here before too long and try to find something similar to this. 


Since Easter is so early this year, I've been Pinterest searching craft ideas to do with Caroline and this one looks super easy and cute. Anything that involves paint, my chick is definitely in for! Looks like all you need is some pink construction paper,  scissors, a crayon, some white paint and some willing little feet. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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