Guest Bathroom Update

Thursday, February 25, 2016

I've been working on updating a few different spaces in our home, adding things I've acquired, changing furniture in and out, hanging pictures, etc and I have finally finished our Guest Bathroom update (I think), so I wanted to share  little before and after. I didn't do anything drastic like painting or changing our fixtures or anything, but it didn't cost much and cumulatively, it didn't take too awful long. 

This room is pretty tough to take decent pictures of because there isn't a bit of natural light in it. I think every room in a house needs some source of natural light, so if we ever build, I'll be sure to factor that in. 

 Here's what the room looked like before, much of what's in here was here when I married Juston and moved in and it has taken me this long to decide what I wanted to do, get around to it and finally change it. 

And for the after. Like I said, I didn't change a whole lot, but I like the room a whole lot better now than I did before. I started by asking Juston if I were to put up a new shower curtain, what colors would he be okay with (he's very funny about color in the house. He'd prefer it all be a shade of tan or white), but he mentioned that he'd be okay with navy, so I took that and my love for all things blue and white and ran with it. Here is the after

Once I picked a fabric I liked, I had Juston build the valance to go over the shower opening and I covered it in the fabric. I also used the same fabric to sew up some curtains. 

I would love to find some blue and white ginger jars to put on top of the over john, but I haven't been able to find any in the right size so far.

I also think I may switch in some navy blue or green picture frames for the ones that are currently in the room. I had some extra ikat fabric, so I made up a dog bed for our shih tzu. This seems to be her favorite room in the house for some random reason and she will just go in here and sleep, so I figured why not. 

I finally got my art work hung on the wall above the hand towels, too. Initially, I'd just planned on using blue and white, but when I got everything I'd planned on in the room, it just didn't feel right, didn't feel complete I guess you'd say. So I figured I'd bring in another color with the kelly green bath rugs and the kelly green towel. It's a bit more of a bold green than I initially wanted, but as close as I was able to find. I do still really like it though. 

One thing I'd LOVE to do but know that I won't is to paint the ugly vanity. I am just not a fan of the builder grade honey oak cabinets and they are all over our house. There's not a thing wrong with them, so I can't justify replacing them right now, but I still hate them nonetheless. I'd love something like the photo below.

Source List:

Bath Mats and green towel: PB Kids
Monogram Hand Towel: Number Four Eleven
Over John Storage Cabinet: Pottery Barn

I'm still keeping my eye out for a few small accessories that I think will tie the whole space together and complete it nicely. I want to grab a towel hook to hang just outside of the shower for easy reach, I would love to find some ginger jars like I mentioned above and some other picture frames to replace the ones in there now. But this space is as finished as it will likely be before the baby arrives :)

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