Our Weekend

Monday, February 22, 2016

We had such a fun weekend doing a whole lotta nothing around our parts.  I've mentioned before that Juston's work has him gone a lot right now, so weekends are pretty sacred to us being that it's really our only family time. We try not to commit to anything we don't absolutely want or need to do and spend most weekends just hanging out around the house together. I know, an exciting life we lead, but there are lots of exciting things to look forward to in the coming months, so I'm totally fine with being boring for the time being. 

Chambray Shirt: J Crew | Kentucky T-shirt: The Home T | Cropped Leggings: Gap Maternity | Shoes: Old Converse

As much as I love dressing my baby bump, it does start to get more challenging as it grows, because I don't want to spend anything on more maternity clothes that I'll only get a few wears out of, but I also don't want to stretch out my regular clothes that I want to fit me after the bump is gone. So most days, comfort wins out over looking fashionable. Oh well, most days the only ones who see me are Caroline and my parents anyway. 

This literally hardly ever happens anymore, but Caroline was up pretty early Friday morning and just couldn't hang anymore by early that evening. She crawled up in my lap and sacked out for two hours! It worked out great since her and Juston stayed up pretty late playing that night. 

We had a sneak peek of spring on Saturday and it was just wonderful. It was 70 degrees sunny and just one of those days that was meant for being outside. After eating brunch, we all got dressed and headed out to the park playground. I swear, anytime I get my child out amongst the general public at places like the park, I begin to seriously consider homeschool. Kids are so mean and rude and I blame their parents (up to a certain age). There was a little boy who just kept pestering Caroline everywhere she went to play. She loved the twisty slide and would politely wait her turn every time, waiting for me to tell her when it was okay to slide. Well, this little boy decided to plop himself down at the top and refuse to move for her to take her turn. He turned around and looked at her and said "No girls allowed" in a mean little tone. It took everything in my not to look at him and say "Well then I guess you better get out you little girl." I know, I'm an awful person. But I kept my mouth shut and Caroline just turned around and went down a different slide. I need to try and be more like my child haha. 

This meme reminded me of myself at the playground. haha

Juston went for a run around the lake while Caroline and I were at the playground and when he got back, he snapped the picture above. What he says would be "his family portrait" since I'm always snapping pictures of Caroline. 

This little balance beam was one of her favorite things. We've missed gymnastics since Christmas and we're traveling a bit over the next little bit, so she'll be getting back in class early this spring. She sure loves it so I can't wait to get her back. 

After the park, Caroline helped me wash my car while Juston worked the grill and the animals followed out every move. After a late lunch, I headed off for my workout, then we had a family movie night, one of Caroline's very favorite things to do .

Sunday was a rainy day so we just laid low around the house, cleaning, cuddling and watching some Disney Junior. And our weekends are no longer complete without Caroline continually requesting for her daddy to play Mario on Super Nintendo. And here's how they play...

 I typically sit in bed studying for my real estate class while they game. Juston actually beat the whole thing this weekend, so I don't know what they'll do now! Happy Monday, y'all!

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