Weekend Review

Monday, February 1, 2016

I can't even believe that January is officially over! We are one month closer to baby day! I always feel like January passes in a blur after the hustle of the holidays. I don't know what it is, but every year I find myself saying, 'Wow, where did the month go?'. I sure hope time will slow down a little bit for me to get a few things done for this new baby because I feel like there is so much to be done and we are quickly running out of time to do it all. 

I thought I'd share a picture of Caroline's final kitty mask. I picked this up for under $2 at Michael's last week and it kept her occupied while I took my first exam for my Real Estate course, so money well spent.

How cute is my big girl helping to rinse off the dishes? She just loves to help do anything and everything right now and it's amazing. We've just started implementing the concept of her working to earn things she wants. This week, if she completed her three assigned chores each day, she earned a new Palace Pet for her iPad game. She was so excited to do her chores every time I asked her, it was the cutest thing. Her chores were to feed the dogs, pick up her toys and keep her room clean. 

Vest: J Crew | Plaid Shirt: Old Navy Maternity | Leggings: Gap Maternity | Boots: Local shop, not sure the brand. 

One of the cheerleading teams I work with had their last competition of the season on Saturday so Caroline went with me. Juston dropped us off at the competition venue and her went to Bass Pro Shop to pick up a new gun and something for fishing. Everyone came out a winner in this scenario! Also, Dixie creeping in the doorway of that picture cracks me up, she's a mess. 

After the competition (my girls did AMAZING, by the way and finished 2 out of 5), we stopped for lunch at Larosa's and it was amazing. I hadn't been there to eat since living in the N KY for college. Caroline loved it! Her and her Daddy are just best buddies on the weekends. With him gone so much nowadays for work, she really eats up any attention he gives her when he is home. 

I was in Michael's last week like I mentioned and snapped a picture of these picture frames that I was pretty sure were what I'd been looking for for the portraits we had done of Caroline last spring. I showed my mom to get her opinion (like I do for everything) if she thought they'd look good. I immediately wished I'd picked them up, but knew I'd be back in a couple of weeks for my next doctor's appointment, so no biggie. Well, my parents went out of town on Friday and mom ended up finding the exact frames at the Michaels in Florence so she grabbed them for me. I just love them, they're perfect! I still need to get them hung up in the living room, but I they are exactly what I've been waiting nearly a year to find. I've had those pictures that long, but haven't hung them up because I wanted to buy the exact frames I had in mind, not just something close enough. Patience paid off for once! It's never been my strong suit. I'll share a picture once I get them hung up. My house is a constant work in progress to get it the way I envision it, and I have to do it as I can afford to buy the things I have in mind, but I'm slowly getting there and having these hung in the living room will get me one step closer. I'm thinking I'll go ahead and pick up two others to use for the Boy's newborn pictures. Well, not the most exciting of things probably, but that was out weekend! Hope everyone's was great!

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