32 Weeks

Thursday, March 10, 2016

How far along?  32 Weeks

Total weight gain:Up 17 pounds.

Maternity clothes: Clearly

Best moment of the week: I have a doctor's appointment this Friday so I'm looking forward to that. Caroline started back in her gymnastics class this week after quite a few weeks off and she just had a blast, so watching her was so much fun. Baby Boy has been getting hiccups lately, too. I've felt it maybe three or four times now. 

Food cravings: Apple juice, still raisins and peanuts, and I had a hankering for some of those EL Fudge elf cookies (I think that's what they're called), that I used to love as a kid, so we grabbed some at the grocery. I think I have that itch scratched now. 

Feeling: Still feeling good. I wake up a couple times a night, sometimes more since I drink so much water all day and I think my body is preparing me for the newborn days, too. I still feel good enough to keep up my workouts and am not really too awful tired most days. I know the time is coming though ;)

Baby Goodies Acquired: I finally committed and ordered the fabric for his crib skirt that I'm having made and it came in while we were out of town. I really love it so I can wait to have it all finished!

Symptoms: Tight belly, lots of sinus drainage, trouble breathing while doing random things like giving Caroline her bath or trying to tie my shoes. I'm considering hiring someone to tie my tennis shoes and pick up my dumbbells to hand them to me while I work out haha. I'm not a fan of bending over these days unless it's absolutely necessary.  

Pregnancy Fitness: Keeping at it. I'm really hoping staying consistent with my exercise routines throughout pregnancy will help me to not only have a good labor and delivery experience, but also to bounce back quicker afterwards. 

Here are a few of the cute little outfits I've picked up over the last couple of months. The first is Kissy Kissy, the center from Little Lambs and Ivy (Columbia, SC) and the right is Feltman Brothers. I think I'm going to use the middle one for our family pictures I'll have done at the end of summer. Caroline has an adorable pink and white checkered jumper that will look so cute with the blue and white checks. 

Baby boy has been SUPER active the last couple of days. Lots of hiccups, lots of moving around that you can see and feel and tons of kicks, you name it. I have another doctor's appointment this week. I've officially entered the every other week visit territory and will be going every week soon. It's just so hard to believe I have 8 weeks or less (hopefully) until this little nameless baby boy will be here. I'll admit, the closer we're getting the more stressed and nervous I'm feeling. I mainly worry about Caroline and making sure she doesn't feel left out or forgotten or anything. I already have guilt over things that haven't even happened, but I guess that's normal. I didn't adjust quickly to having a newborn with Caroline, so I worry about that, too. Even though I know worrying changes nothing, it's still hard not to. We aren't even close to having the nursery inhabitable, he doesn't have many clothes, I don't even have things to hang on the walls of his room and I only have one box of diapers so far. I honestly can't even remember half of the things you need for newborns and nursing and those first few weeks. I guess (hope) it'll come back to me sooner rather than later. I'm definitely starting to feel the crunch though! 

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