33 Weeks

Thursday, March 17, 2016

How far along?  33 Weeks

Total weight gain:Up 18 pounds.

Maternity clothes: Yes and I can't wait to get back into all of my cute spring/summer clothes once baby boy gets here! I'm still on the hunt for an Easter dress but haven't had any luck finding anything I love so far.

Best moment of the week: The clocks springing forward, the beautiful, warm weather, flowers and trees blooming and a definite taste of spring in the air around our parts. I absolutely love this time of year. 

Food cravings: Meh, nothing really sounds good right now. The bigger he gets, the less I like to eat, and let me tell you I am a food lover!

Feeling: I can really tell I'm getting to the home stretch now. I'm feeling more and more uncomfortable, getting up out of the floor is getting tougher, my belly button is way out there, I get super winded carrying Caroline around and could not tell you the last time I slept all night without getting up to use the restroom haha

Baby Goodies Acquired: Haven't purchased anything new lately, but I have been dragging things out of storage like the infant car seat, swaddling blankets (at least the non-pink ones we had), bottles, etc. I feel like I literally just put these things away. 

Symptoms: The usual things you'd expect that come along with being over eight months pregnant.

Sleep: Not the greatest, but not as bad as it'll be with a newborn :)

Pregnancy Fitness: Man, workouts are getting tougher. I go sooooo slow for cardio and can really only use two or three cardio machines. I'm getting more limited on my weight workouts, but try and do as much as I can safely. Still keeping at it four days a week with the weights and four, sometimes five days of cardio. My hope are that sticking to my workouts as long as I can will help me to bounce back quicker for Caroline's sake. That girl won't slow down for anyone, so I need to be able to keep up! 

I picked up some pansies from the grocery last week and planted them in our window boxes over the weekend. I just love having flowers inside and outside the house, they make me happy. I might have jumped the gun a bit planting these since we're due a cold snap this weekend, but hopefully not. 

This is what most of our weekends look like. Caroline glued to her daddy's hip, Dixie never far behind either of them. That little pup gets SO jealous when Juston pays anyone else attention. 

And speaking of our pups, little Lucy got attacked by something over the weekend so I had to take her to the vet to get some stitches on her neck on Monday. They wouldn't see her over the weekend so we had to wait. She has to wear a cone of shame all week until they are ready to take her stitches out next week. She ought to be right as rain in a couple of weeks, but we hare going to have to figure out a more dog proof method for keeping her in our fence when she's outside. She figured out an escape route and now she's impossible to keep in there. 

Today was my last day working until after the baby gets here so I just won't know what to do with myself. I'm sure I'll still be popping in but not doing anything active while I'm there. I sure will miss it until I can get back in June!.

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