Alabama Trip

Tuesday, March 29, 2016


I mentioned earlier that we had an amazing trip to Alabama last week, we are trying to squeeze in visits to all of our favorite people and places before baby boy gets here so that in case he isn't a stellar traveler for a while like Caroline wasn't, we will have gotten some visits and hugs in. As you can see above, Caroline got to do herself a little bit of fishing on the farm. She didn't actually hook this one, PauPau did, but she reeled that sucker in like a champ...until her line snapped, but luckily, the fish was close enough that PauPau was able to grab him right quick before he got away! She was so proud of this big fish...just didn't want to touch it!

She also did a little bit of baking int he kitchen with Mimi, whipping up a delicious chocolate pie for supper one night. I'm telling you what, our girl is so lucky to have so many incredible people who love her so much and we are fortunate to have so many open their homes up to us so that we can spend more time with them. We started making the trip to Brundidge a few years ago to visit with our Goddaughter, Lexi while she was attending Auburn and we have really enjoyed coming back every spring since. 

A new treat this year was PJ the baby calf! Caroline had the best time going out and checking on him all the time. She helped feed him a huge bottle our first morning there but refused to the next few days because he slobbered so much. She did give him one more bottle our last day there with PauPau helping her. That little calf was just the sweetest thing! And so dang cute. 

A real treat one day was while her daddy and PauPau took Caroline fishing, Mimi and I drove up the road a little ways to Troy, Alabama and hit the downtown shopping square. There are some of the cutest little shops all along the square and I was able to pick up a few gifts I've been needing to get some friends as well as some things for Caroline and baby boy, and of course some decor for the house and a shirt for myself :) I love supporting small, locally owned businesses any chance I get. I can really see myself having one again sometime in the future. Most likely after the kids are in school and I've established my own career again. 

Caroline and I went back into Troy one afternoon to grab a gift for Mimi and hit the best little ice cream shop called Milky Moos. Literally the best tasting waffle cone I have ever had and the ice cream is all home made as well. 

And what road trip would be complete without a pit stop at the Cracker Barrel? I'm always so tempted to get her one of these little rocking chairs when I see them, but I have yet to do it. One day when we have a big front porch, she'll have her own pink rocker :)
Mimi, PauPau, Taco, Caroline and Juston

We could not have asked for a better visit with better people and we are already excited to see them again soon! God has blessed us so richly with the relationships he's put in our lives from our family to our chosen family :) Hope y'all have a happy Tuesday. We head to Lexington tomorrow to check on Baby Boy and I'm officially moving into the weekly appointment time of this pregnancy. Crazy to think in less than five weeks we will have a new little one under our roof!

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