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Friday, March 11, 2016

So baby boy's nursery isn't much to speak of as of right now. I have managed to put the crib up, but that's basically it. And while I'm telling myself that we don't need to have it finished before he's here, I also know that the odds of it getting done quickly after he's here are not so great, so I'd love to at least have the bulk of things done. I finally got the fabric in for the crib skirt I'm having made and it exactly as pictured below. I'm only doing the skirt, not the bumper even though I love the look of it.

Now I need to order new curtains (the yellow floral ones just don't quite go with the new crib skirt bedding ha), I need to order a changing pad cover, I need to order the artwork I want for the walls and need a side table to put next to the rocker and that should about do it. I will feel better about life having all that finished. 

Moving on to other unfinished baby business, we still haven't agreed on a name for him and I think this is probably stressing me out more than any other thing. It's not like we still have months to come up with one we both agree on...we have roughly a month and a half at this point. On the short list (I should specify my short list, Juston likes none of my names, ever) are:

Carter Scott
Cooper James
Harrison Scott

I really want Scott for the middle name after my papaw on my dad's side. He was such a special guy that I would love the idea of part of him living on through our son. And Carter is my absolute favorite, but for some reason, Juston hates it. I love the name itself and I also love the way it sounds with Caroline's name. 

One reason I really want to go ahead and agree on a name is so that I can order him a coming home outfit for bringing him home from the hospital. Here are a few of my favorite ones that I have found on Etsy recently. Links to them are below the pictures.

Moving on from baby talk to what we've been up to lately...

Caroline's initial reaction to finding out she was going to be a big sister was complete excitement. She was over the moon and talked about it all the time. The she found out it was going to be a little brother, not the little sister she'd wanted and she was not so excited for about a week, but now she'll rub my belly and talk to him, cover him up if my belly isn't under the covers, she even introduces my belly as her little brother when she talks to people. I really think she is going to be a great big sister. She's such a little lovie anyway and loves helping me with anything and everything, so even though the initial adjustment will be a tough one, I feel pretty good that she'll love her new Big Sister role. She carries that baby doll all over the house and pushes her around in a stroller, giving her bottles and snuggling her. Getting her practice in :)

We finally got back to gymnastics this week after a two month hiatus. She was so excited to get back to her class and her teachers! She has asked about dance classes too, but there's not really anything too close to us. We drive 40 minutes for her tumble, but they don't offer dance anymore and I can't really miss work just to drive out of town for a dance class.

The warm weather has finally settled in in Kentucky so we headed to a park to play earlier this week. My parents came with us. Caroline had a ball swinging with Mamaw and Papa and then ran around like a crazy lady burning off some energy playing all over the rest of the playground. I was hoping to take her back another day this week, but the days I wasn't working, the rain moved in on us.
Pink sweater: C Wonder | White Tank: Old Navy Maternity | Jeans: Maternal America from Sugar Boutique (Greenwood, SC) | Shoes: Rowen 

Last weekend, we all went out to lunch for my nieces birthdays. Camden's was a couple of weeks ago and Jayden's is this weekend. I wore the outfit above. That white tank has been on repeat here lately. I got that one and a black one and love them both. They were only like $7 so money well spent to get me through the last of this pregnancy. I'm currently on the hunt for an Easter dress for me. I'd rather buy something non-maternity so that I can get more than just a couple of wears out of it, but I haven't had any luck finding anything just yet.  I can't believe there's only a couple of weeks until Easter! It's always one of my favorite holidays. I'll be having the family over for Easter brunch after church and we are planning on coloring some eggs this weekend. Hope everyone's weekend is great!

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