Charleston~ Day 1

Monday, March 7, 2016

After a fun few days exploring Savannah, we loaded up and headed up the coast a bit to Charleston, my absolute favorite place to be. The drive is a short one, so if you're ever in one city or the other, it's definitely worth a day trip to explore them both, although a day won't even scrape the surface of either gorgeous city. 

Can you tell my girl loves waking up early when we travel? Poor thing looks like she's in a trance here, but she's just up too early again. 

Our first stop once we got into Charleston was for lunch at Fleet Landing. It's hard to beat the view from the restaurant's outside eating area. We ate inside since it was pretty windy, but made sure to take a few minutes out on the balcony before we left. 
The food was really good as usual and Caroline had the best time chatting up our waitress while we were there. I swear, my child makes new friends everyplace we go. I love how conversational she is with new people. 

From lunch, we parked across from Waterfront Park and walked for a bit. I can't come to town without getting a picture of the pineapple fountain. Miss South Carolina Teen was actually there doing a photo shoot of some type as well. Popular pineapple :)
We hit the City Market next because that was pretty much my mom's only request. I always have fun walking the market and people watching, too. It was not busy at all so looking around was enjoyable. 

We got checked into our room after walking around the Market and just hung out for a bit. Our room was amazing and the hotel was top notch! I will definitely be bringing Juston back here to stay. I'll do a seperate post on where we stayed and my overall thoughts on both places, but I was pleased overall. 

My mom snapped this before we left for dinner at Poogan's Porch that evening and I just love it! I hope she and I will always be as close as we are now. 

I mentioned how much earlier Caroline tends to awaken when we travel, and this is usually the result. She's not a napper on a daily basis, but she'll almost always nap when we're traveling. She fell asleep on the walk to dinner, slept the entire time we ate, slept some more on the walk back to the hotel and finally woke up in time for some friends of ours who like in Charleston to pop in and visit us. 

Here's what our dinner looked like, pimento cheese fritters (they were amazing!) She Crab Soup (definitely good, but not even close to my favorite place to get this. The green stuff is a chive puree, I think this wasn't my favorite addition, I prefer the classic sherry topping) and Caroline's Mac and cheese (also amazing). The mac and cheese is gouda and is cooked with smoked country ham in it which gives it the most incredible smoky flavor. 

What I wore:

Kimono: Red Clover Boutique | White Tank: Old Navy Maternity | Jeans: Gap Maternity
Shoes: Tory Burch | Bracelets: Bourbon and Boweties

I'm pretty much obsessed with this outfit. It was so comfy for traveling in the car that morning, but still put together looking for a pregnant lady :) I love that I'll be able to wear the kimono now and after baby boy. 

And what I changed into for dinner that evening:

Polka Dot Top: Sugar Boutique (Greenwood, SC) | Pants: Gap Maternity | Shoes: Jack Rogers

This polka dot top is so cute! It's not maternity, but the fit is flowy and the back has the cutest open, knotted detail. It's hard to describe, but really cute and different. 

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