Charleston~ Day 2

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Our second day in Charleston started off with a carriage ride with Old South Carriage company. It was just a two block walk from our hotel to the carriage pick up. Now I will say, Juston and I have used Old South quite a few times for private carriage tours and been VERY happy with them, but this experience left a lot to be desired. To spite showing up nearly an hour before the departure of the tour, we got stuck pack in like sardines sitting with people we didn't know and mom and I couldn't even see a lot because we were stuck smack in the middle of a row. I will say, we had a great tour guide, but I really wasn't happy with the overall experience given what you pay for these things. There was a screaming baby in the row in front of us and some really loud talking Canadians in the rows behind us. I really felt bad because I wanted mom and dad to enjoy a nice tour, but you can't win them all I suppose. 

It was a gorgeous, sunny and windy day. Here are a few snapshots I could get from the carriage tour. 

No matter the season, no one does window boxes like Charleston does window boxes. 

One day, I would love to stay inside that beautiful place, Two Meeting Street Inn. 

I can't get over how perfect this front door and with a pineapple door knocker. We have the exact setup on our front door. 

White Point Garden looking picturesque on a gorgeous Charleston day. 

The Palmer House is one that I have to see every time we come to town. Juston took me here for a long weekend as a surprise for my 30th birthday. It was everything you'd imagine it would be and then some. 

My child can't resist petting a dog, horse, cat, you name it. If it has fur and will sit still, she'll pet it. 

No trip to Charleston is complete for me without hitting King Street and luckily, that includes Cupcake Down South. I got the Black and White, Caroline had Birthday Cake, Mom had Limon Blu (lemon blueberry) and Dad got vanilla. We also brought home a peanut butter cup and Chocolate on chocolate for my nieces since they both have or had birthdays recently. Some of my favorite shops to hit are Palm Avenue, V2V, Copper Penny and Warren on King. I was so disappointed to find out that one of my favorite kids clothes shops, Kids on King, had closed down since our last visit over the summer. 

I had another stop I just had to make before we made the drive home, The Beer Exchange on Exchange street. Juston couldn't get off work to make the trip with us, but I brought him home a little taste of Charleston with some of his favorite beers by Holy City Brewing. 

And finally, what I wore for our last day in town...

Cardigan: C Wonder | Dress: Target, Nom Maternity | Shoes: Jack Rogers

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