Our Easter Weekend

Monday, March 28, 2016

We got home from our trip to Alabama late Thursday night and hit the ground running Friday morning to get everything in order for the Easter holiday celebration. My mom took care of our animals while we were gone and left Caroline a surprise project...a bird house she could build and paint. My child LOVES a good art and craft project so she couldn't wait to tear into this one. She and her daddy got started immediately after breakfast Friday morning gluing it together. 

We are still waiting for the paint to dry on it before we pick a place to hang it up, but she had so much fun tackling this little project. 

Saturday, we slept in a bit and did a whole lot of cleaning to get the house ready to host Easter supper on Sunday. I managed to get my workout in after a shopping trip to Lexington with my sister and our girls. We hit some of the local boutique shops to grab some gifts I've been needing to pick up for friends and some things for baby boy as well. I stayed up late cooking and baking what I could do ahead for Easter because it just makes entertaining so much easier doing as much ahead of time as possible. 

Sunday morning, we got up and the Easter bunny had visited our sweet girl. I haven't loaded those pictures just yet, but Caroline was so happy about her basket. She got a mask making kit, a new puzzle, some bubbles, a bracelet and a little bit of candy. 

After breakfast, we headed to my parents house to meet up with the whole family and snap a few pictures before heading off to Easter church service. 

I'm so proud of the picture above because for once, my child didn't ruin the grandparents and grandchildren picture. She's always looking sour or crying when we try to get everyone in one together so I was very happy with this one! There will be another uncooperative Pate child to fill her shoes soon enough. 

Mom and Dad had some baskets set up for all of the kids, too. 

I just love tulips this time of year. I'd put fresh flowers in every room if I could afford to replace them every week! They just brighten everything up and make the house more homey. 

And I didn't manage to snap a picture of the whole Easter supper spread, but the Lemon Blueberry cake I made turned out looking good. I didn't get a chance to garnish it since Kroger was out of fresh blueberries, but it turned out tasting amazing. 

I really, really hope that everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend. 

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