Caroline: Three and a Half

Friday, April 22, 2016

I haven't posted an update on my little beauty in awhile so I thought why not now?!


Foods: She has big time regressed with her diet! Where she used to eat anything and everything, loved all fruits and most veggies, tried everything I'd cook, etc. She eats like a typical toddler now. Her favorites are pizza, pasta, yogurt, cheese, hot dogs, smoothie drinks, strawberry milk, apple juice, and occasionally apple slices (no peel) and bananas. 

Activities: She's been in gymnastics for over a year now and adores it and she recently started tap and ballet class as well which she also seems to really love. She also loved riding her bike and scooter, working puzzles, building things with play doh, playing in water whether it's outside with filled pots and pans or in the bath tub, cooking in her play kitchen and watching her daddy play Mario on Super Nintendo. She also loves helping me do anything in the kitchen, cooking or baking. Sometime she even likes to help me clean up. 

Weight: 32.8 pounds. She hasn't changed much here in quite a few months. 

Height: Almost 3 feet tall now!

Speech/ Language: She can now spell her name, she recognizes most letters and numbers, she can count to thirty although skips a few numbers a lot of the time and she can write a variety of letters and numbers. We're working on writing her name and so far she can write C-A-O-L-I. 

Favorite Shows: Shimmer and Shine, Paw Patrol, Umi Zoomi, Miles from Tomorrowland and Sophia. 

Sleep: I'm fairly certain she doesn't sleep as much as she probably should, but it's rarely if ever reflected in her attitude. She is usually in bed around 9 and asleep by 10, then up for the day by 8:00-8:30 since daylight savings time. We haven't done the name thing consistently in over a year now. She will occasionally nap, but only if she got up super early and she's strapped into her car seat. 

Shoe Size: Mostly in a size 8 now, a few 7's will still fit her.

Clothes Size:  She can wear 2T still, fits pretty perfectly into a 3T but anything I've bought for her since late winter, I've gone ahead and gotten 4T which she can also wear, just a little big on her. 

I could not ask for a better child than this one. She loves to help me, she never complains when it's time to do her chores, she is the most affirming child you could ever meet, she's social, she's mannerly and she listens 99% of the time. I highly doubt I will get this lucky with the next one, but Caroline is honestly a dream of a toddler. Don't get me wrong, she has her spells of crying or whining, but they are few and far between. She's had to learn the hard way that she can't sass talk like her older cousins tend to do, but it's not a normal occurrence. I have had so many people compliment me on her manners which we work really hard to teach her and make sure that she remembers and uses. Her chores currently involve putting her dirty dishes in the sink, feeding the dogs, cleaning up her toys and throwing trash away when she needs to like after she's unwrapped a cheese stick or eaten all of her yogurt or something like that. She's very excited about being a big sister, so I'll be interested to see if her opinion on the matter changes at all once baby brother gets here. I just love this girl more than I've ever loved anything and I hope and pray each day that I'm doing right by her and leading by example. She's my world. 


Thursday, April 21, 2016

I thought I'd do a post on what we've been up to around here the past week or so since I slacked on posting last week and the days are just flying past me it seems!

Tuesday, I took Caroline with me to my check-up for baby boy and afterwards, since she behaved perfectly the entire time, we stopped at Gigi's for cupcakes. I have to say, I have a very tolerant sweet tooth, but it was almost too much frosting for me! Never thought I'd say that! But they were delicious nonetheless. 

When this romper came up in my IG feed earlier this week, I had to have it! I'm thinking it'll be perfect for beach pictures this summer! And I can always find something for my home or my closet at Beaufort Linen! They just ran a 20% off sale but it only lasted one day so be sure and follow them on IG to keep up with when they do these sales!

I love how my girl is just always skipping through life. She has such a happy little heart. Always singing, dancing, skipping, talking and loving on people. 

Every weekend Juston is home, it hits me that it could and very soon will be our last weekend as just a family of the three of us. It's definitely a bittersweet thing to think. Am I the only mama who feels major guilt about having a second child? That sounds terrible I know, but I'm constantly torn between being so grateful for this little boy and feeling guilty like I'm taking something away from Caroline. I don't really know how to explain it and hopefully it'll pass once he's here. I think I'm just feeling all the emotions finally with these pregnancy hormones. 

I can't get over how precious Caroline looked before her dance class this week! She gets to feeling extra sassy when she gets her dancing shoes on! I think the tap part may be her favorite. 

I just finished this book last night and I absolutely LOVED it! Would definitely recommend it to anyone who loved to read "Chick lit" type of books. It's wonderfully written, funny, the characters are very well developed and I think every woman will find something she relates to in the main female character Leslie. 

I snapped this pic Tuesday before my appointment. Selfies seem so narcissistic, but I have loved looking back and comparing pics each week of this pregnancy and Caroline's. Speaking of this pregnancy, I think I am finally starting to hit the wall. I've felt great all along, which I'm super thankful, but the last few days, I've started dragging and just feeling so...stretched and uncomfortable would be the best way to put it I guess. I had a freak out moment a few nights ago because I was just feeling sort of funny and I found myself thinking I was going to go into labor that night. I didn't have any symptoms or anything, just felt odd. Well, I started to panic a bit because all of a sudden, I just knew I wasn't prepared in any way, shape or form. Not to mention immediately feeling like a terrible mother because I'd fussed at Caroline for not laying down the first 23456256 times I asked her for bedtime and thinking that I was going to have to leave in the middle of the night for the hospital and she'd be upset with me. 

My appointment went well Tuesday. My BP was 122/68, his HR was 136, I'm currently sitting around 4 cm dilated and he measured 39 weeks. Reallyyyyy hoping he's not a whopper. I think one of the tougher parts of pregnancy for me at the end is the unknown. I feel like if I knew for certain that he was going to arrive on April 22, that wold give me the peace of mind to have a deadline by which everything that needed doing could be done, I'd know when to have Juston home from work, I'd be much more prepared...but I guess that would take the mystery out of this whole process :) Hope everyone is having a great week!

New Book Releases Coming Soon from my Favorite Authors

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

If you've read here very long, you probably know that I love to read. About the only time I get to do it these days is at bedtime, but I try and get through a book a month if I'm able (my pace will likely slow considerably here soon). Well, I have certain authors who I have followed for years and read everything they write that I can get my hands on, so I thought I'd share a list of those authors who have new books coming out soon. All of these typically write great beach read type of books, so the timing is perfect to pre-order these, with the exception of the last one I'm listing which you can snag now. I've linked all of them below via Amazon affiliate links.

Mary Kay Andrews has such a fun, witty style of writing that I almost always find myself laughing out lour reading her books like a crazy lady. I'll admit, while I liked her last release, it wasn't my favorite game of hers so I am hoping this will be more reminiscent of all her other books that I adore. 

The book I'm reading right now is a Dottie Frank book and I could not love it any more. I'm currently reading The Last Original Wife and am just about finished with it, so I can't wait for this one to release soon. Much of her writing takes place in the Lowcountry, which is like our adopted home as often as we can get there, so when we're not there, I love reading books that take place there. 

Speaking of the Lowcountry, this book is a given for my summer reading list. I generally like Mary Alice Monroe books a lot and the location of this one and the cover alone would sell me!

Karen White is probably my favorite of all of these authors. I first found her books probably right or ten years ago and have read every single one. I'm so impatient waiting for her new books to come out because I just love her writing style that much. She's also announced that there will be a fifth book in her Charleston series coming out in January so I can't wait to snag that one!

I have a love/hate relationship with almost every single Emily Giffin book I've read. She draws readers in so well with her stories and writing, butI'm generally frustrated with the decisions her main characters make in the end. I guess what frustrates me is that so often, the way she will wrap up a story is very much the way someone would do it in "real life" and I'm very much an escapist reader. I like things tied up all nice and tidy at the end with most of what I read. 

If anyone has any favorite authors or books that you really love and wouldn't mind sharing, please let me know, I'm always looking for a great new read!

38 Weeks

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

How far along?  38 Weeks along

Total weight gain:Up 21 pounds.

Maternity clothes: still yes, but able to transition into some of the maxi and empire waisted dresses now that the temperatures have heated up around here. 

Best moment of the week: Spending our whole weekend outside! The weather was just perfect and I'm pretty sure the only thing we came into the house for all weekend was sleeping. 

Food cravings: Nothing much. 

Feeling: Still really feeling great. 

Baby Goodies Acquired: Only waiting on the fabric to finish the nursery window treatments.

Symptoms: He's not able to move as much as he has been since space is getting more and more limited, but basically no different than last week...sore hips, occasional low back pain, lots of fake contractions this week, too.

Sleep: Lots of potty breaks, but good sleep in between.

Pregnancy Fitness: Four days a week of weights and cardio and I've started back to walking the dogs every evening just within the last week or so. 

15 Things to do Before Baby Gets Here

Monday, April 18, 2016

With the end of this pregnancy, I've found that the urgency to accomplish things early was not nearly as present as it was when I was pregnant with Caroline. Poor second child really does get the shaft in some instances (I am one, myself;)).  So I've found myself rushing around with literally days, possibly a couple weeks to go until my due date trying to cross the last few items off of my to-do list. In the hopes that my last minute rush can help someone else who is better at accomplishing preparedness earlier on, I thought I would share my list of 15684 15 things to do before your baby arrives. Some are obvious, some are personal preference and some are last minute things I've thought of that aren't so obvious but are nonetheless useful.

1. Pack your hospital bag, your baby's hospital bag and you husband's hospital bag.
2. Pack a bag for an older sibling if you have one.
3. Pre-Register at your hospital either in person or online.
4. Tour the maternity floor of your hospital to familiarize yourself with it beforehand.
5. Meal prep some meals for after you get home with your new baby and freeze them. I've made a pork tenderloin, lasagna, chicken casserole, cheese chicken and rice, a coffee cake and a few appetizers. BBQ is my last meal to prep.
6. Clean and organize your house while the nesting urge is present. You sure won't feel like it after the you get home with baby for a few weeks anyway.
7. Wash your baby clothes, blankets, sheets, etc if you're into that sort of thing ;) honestly, I did this with Caroline, but have only washed a handful of things this time around. It just hasn't been the top of my list this go around.
8. Get yourself a manicure and/or pedicure. Personally, as frivolous as this one sounds, it really was the little things that made me feel better in the days after having a baby. If a pretty painted toes make you happy when you're running on three hours of sleep, go for it.
9. Get your car seat securely strapped into your car and ready. Many local fire departments will do this for you if you aren't confident in your car seat fastening skills. My sister has done all of ours for me because she's got three kids and has fastened in a car seat or two!
10. Plan to have someone to care for any older siblings or your pets while you are in the hospital. I've got my mama on call to watch Caroline and we have a friend who is always so great to take care of our animals and they both have our house keys already so they'll be able to get in and out as needed when the time comes.
11. Choose a birth announcement. I've browsed Etsy, Shutterfly and Snapfish and have flagged my favorites to choose from once our newborn pictures are done.
12. Stock up on Thank You notes. You can even go ahead and get your return address labels affixed and postage on them to eliminate a few steps down the road. Target always has some really cute notes on the clearance rack.
13. Keep your car filled up. This may not apply to everyone, but we have an hour drive to get to the hospital when the time comes and the last thing I am going to want to do is stop for gas. The last couple of weeks, I've made sure that my gas tank never dips under half a tank.
14. Empty the memory/ print off all pictures on your phone, camera, etc so that you have plenty of room freed up to take all the pictures you want.
15. Prepare a gift/ goody bag to take to the hospital with you for an older sibling. We have a gift already in the car for Caroline from her baby brother that she'll get when she comes to visit in the hospital for the first time.

I know I'm forgetting things, but this was the list I'd compiled for myself. If I'm forgetting something obvious, help a mama out and let me know!

Favorite Spring Toddler Shoes

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

If your child has a foot that's anything like my Caroline's, then you have to purge old shoes and order all new ones at least twice a year. I can't believe how much my girls foot has grown just since the fall! Everything I got her for end-of-summer/ fall/ winter was a size 7 and fit her a bit big, now I have to order her 8's and some of those even seem a bit snug on her. I really need to take her to the shoe store to have her measured, but anymore, I do most of my shopping online, most places offer free returns and shoes all run different, so you never really know what size to order. I am currently in the process of ordering spring/summer shoes for Caroline so I thought I'd share what we end up with every summer, typically. I am a creature of habbit and she will probably have the exact same shoes, save for a few pairs, in every size in the same style. We find something we like and we stick with it. Some of what I've posted below we have already ordered and some I just like. 

This was the first year we've tried these Native shoes and after some trial and error, we really love them. The first pair I ordered in a size 7 and Caroline got blisters from them, which is when I figured out how much bigger her foot was than it had been about two months back, so I ordered the next size and now we're good to go with them.  I feel like these run a touch on the small side, but it's worth noting that Caroline's foot is a bit wider at the front, so that may be why they seem a touch small.

I will never tire of Salt Water sandals in the summer time. I typically order them in two colors, always either silver or gold, then a second color, typically white, pink or red. The only complaint I have about these shoes is that sometimes the ankle strap seems  to need an extra hole for length. Maybe Caroline just has thick ankles like her mama? Either way, we always have to use the very last hole on the ankle strap of these, but I love them and Caroline never complains about putting them on, so they must be comfortable, because she would let me know otherwise! These run true to size.

Oh the child has loved these shoes since she could answer which she wanted to wear. We currently have them in pink. You can get them on the online Disney Store in a wider variety of colors and sizes as well, but 9 times out of ten, these are the shoes my child will be wearing if given a choice and I really don't mind because they are so easy to put on her and clean if she gets them dirty. Say what you want about Crocs, but for toddler/ kid ages, they are awesome! The ones we've had seem to run a bit bigger, so you may size down when ordering.
We don't actually have these toddler Jack's but I sure love mine and these are just so darn cute! I'm not sure how well they'd stay on little feet as shown, but there is another version with a strap that goes around the heel. I've also seen some at Cracker Barrel of all places that look exactly like Jacks, just with a much better price tag ;)

Caroline has finally outgrown her pink Hunter boots that we've loved, so I'm needing to order her some new rain boots. I've thought about going on a ordering a 9 just to be able to use them a bit longer, but I'm afraid if I do that Caroline will trip and fall all over the place. I really liked the pink Croc boots pictured above and they come in a variety of colors. They are cheaper than the Hunter boots, too. Although, we've definitely gotten our money's worth from our original pink rain boots. 

So there you have it...our typical summer shoe haul for Caroline. I do usually order up a size in the Salt Water Sandals as well so that we can use them for two years and we have had luck with that so far.

37 Weeks: Full Term

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

How far along?  37 Weeks!

Total weight gain:Up 20 pounds.

Maternity clothes: Definitely

Best moment of the week: Caroline had her very first dance (ballet/tap) class this week and it was just the cutest thing! She was over the moon excited and did awesome. I've had her in tumbling for over a year now, so she's familiar with being in a class and following her teacher, etc, but she got to wear tap shoes and ballet shoes, plus a special leo and tutu I picked up for her. She was so precious and I was excited to get to be there to watch her.

Food cravings: Not a whole lot really. Still love raisins, grapes and peanuts anytime I get my hands on them.

Feeling: I hope I'm not jinxing myself, but I've felt so great most of this pregnancy and I feel so blessed by that. I do have sore hips in the mornings, sometimes some low back pain and some days I'm more tired than others from getting up all night long to pee, but I think working out like I have been has done wonders for the quality of this pregnancy so far.

Baby Goodies Acquired: We're all set here. I'm waiting on a basket for his nursery and a blanket I'm hoping to be able to take to the hospital that I ordered a few weeks back. It has his name on it so it takes longer to get, but we have all the immediate necessities.

Symptoms: Still feeling him move a lot, sore hips, some back pain, sensitive gums every time I brush and floss my teeth.

Sleep: About the same as it has been...lots of up and down all night long.

Pregnancy Fitness: I went in for a check up last week and found out I am already 3 cm dilated, which I know means nothing. I could walk around that way for three more weeks and not go into labor, but the midwife I saw recommended not lifting weights until I passed the 37 week mark today, so I took a week off from weights and only did cardio. She also said I shouldn't pick up Caroline, but anyone with a toddler knows how unrealistic that is. I'm really excited to get back in the weight room this week though!

After my appointment today, I ran by a dance shop in Lexington and picked up another leotard and tutu for Caroline to have for class as a reward for her excellent behavior in her first class and with my at my appointment as well. After that, we stopped at the Windy Corner Market for some lunch, per Caroline's request. I love the scenery there, but honestly, the food isn't the best, at least not what I've had the times we've stopped. 

How adorable are these matching outfits from The Bailey Boys I got for Caroline  and baby boy?! I just love them and they'll be perfect for the beach next summer!  I got them from The Frilly Frog. 

And finally, I'll leave you with a picture of my little prima ballerina. 

Nursery Update

Monday, April 11, 2016

Baby boy's nursery still isn't complete, but I have made a lot of progress and it is practically there! Our little crib area is pretty well set, aside from needing a couple of pictures in the two frames above the crib on the end, but I'm planning on using a couple from his newborn photo session.

Frames: Target | Gold Hey Y'all Print: Etsy | Crib Bumper: Carousel Designs | Crib Sheet: Target | Crib Skirt: Fabric from Calico Corners, made by a lady in Alabama

I'm waiting on this basket from Magnolia Market to arrive to pile up some of his blankets and stuffed animals into. I ordered the smaller size of the two. 

Another Magnolia Market purchase, Juston just hung two of these baskets on the wall above the changing area to hold the diapers, wipes and lotions. I love that these baskets will be able to be used in other areas of our home as well if they're ever not used in the nursery. Much of what I've purchased for use in the nursery now, I could use in lots of other spaces in the house as the needs for his room change over the years. 

I have this piece hanging in his room already and it is so adorable. I purchased it from SK designs on Etsy. It's great quality, a good price and the shipping was super quick. I think I had it in about a week, maybe less. 

Here's a better look at the foil print above his crib. I also ordered it from Etsy and received it in about a week. I didn't matte ours but I could given the way the print is made. I have a rocker and side table in there right now, too, but I haven't decided if I want to leave them there or not.

We have the window treatments to get finished then the room will be all ready! I will share photos of everything once the windows are done, hopefully this weekend. Juston has made me some cornice boxes and I have ordered the fabric in the same print as the crib skirt. As soon as the fabric comes in, I'm ready to get them covered and hung. 

Recent Maternity OOTD's

Friday, April 8, 2016

I'm pretty limited on what I wear the closer I get to my due date, but with just a few staples that I bought early on, I'm making due so I thought I'd share a few easy, casual maternity looks I've worn lately. 

Cardigan: C. Wonder | Black Piko Shirt: Beaufort Linen Company | Maternity Leggings: Gap | Leopard Print Shoes: Old from Sole Society (I think) | Pearl Bracelet: Beaufort Linen Co. | Pearl Tassel Necklace: Bourbon and Boweties from The White Chandelier

Cardigan: C. Wonder | White Tank: Old Navy | Maternity Jeans: Gap | Scarf: Lilly Pulitzer |
Pink Rain Boots: Hunter

Tunic: Kayce Hughes | White Maternity Jeans: Maternal America from Sugar Boutique| Shoes: Tory Burch Miller Sandals

Top: J Crew | White Maternity Jeans: Maternal America from Sugar Boutique

White Tunic: Annie Griffin | Black Pants: Gap Maternity | Sandals: Jack Rogers | Pearl Ring and Bracelets: Bourbon and Boweties

Tunic: Lilly Pulitzer Sarasota tunic Let's Cha Cha Print | Jeans: Maternal America from Sugar Boutique

36 Weeks

Thursday, April 7, 2016

How far along?  36 Weeks, practically full term already!

Total weight gain:Up 20 pounds.

Maternity clothes: Definitely

Best moment of the week: Caroline and I took a surprise road trip to visit Juston yesterday while he was working! I love a good surprise, especially when it makes people happy, and this surprise made all of us happy to get in a little extra family time. It's a bittersweet thought knowing that our family of three time with just us and Caroline is very limited. We are so excited to meet baby boy, but I just don't want Caroline to feel left out or neglected at all, ever.

Food cravings: Fruits, peanuts and raisins.

Feeling: In the mornings, I still feel great aside from my hips and sometimes back being sore the first little bit after I get up, but by the evening, I just feel huge and ungraceful a lot of days. I still can't really eat much and try to stay away from carbs to keep from feeling miserable. Considering I'm so close to the end though, I feel really great overall.

Baby Goodies Acquired: I need to grab two picture frames, a new breast pump and we're still discussing a double stroller, but aside from that, there isn't another thing I can think of that we need for baby or nursery to be any more ready. I'm sure things will probably pop up along the way, but I think (knock on wood) that all the essentials have been purchased and have arrived.

Symptoms: Lots of baby dancing and hiccups, sore hips from laying on them all night, sometimes my back gets sore, a constant pulling feeling on the right side of my upper abs that has been ongoing for a bit now and some drainage that has resulted in me coughing at night since about November.

Sleep: Depends on how much water I drink all day ;) But I'm usually up anywhere from two to four times a night. I always have the hardest time falling asleep anytime I awaken around 4:00 am. For some reason, baby boy gets super active at that time. 

Pregnancy Fitness: I was in need of some sleep earlier this week on what would typically be one of my workout mornings, so I chose to turn off the alarm and sleep instead, but am hoping to get back to the regular schedule for the rest of the week and would really like to start adding in some daily walks if the weather would only cooperate for me.

Our Weekend

Monday, April 4, 2016

First things first...I'm currently watching the season three premiere of Southern Charm, my favorite smut show on Bravo TV. I've watching this show from the first episode, obviously my love for Charleston being the reason I watched it initially, but I seriously love the drama of it all. I admit it. Does anyone else watch this and love it? Cameran is my favorite, I remember watching her back in the day on The Real World. 

These adorable shoes came in for Caroline last Friday! I can't say no to pineapples.

These ended up being too small for her, so we sent them back to exchange them. I swear Caroline has grown two inches since fall and so have her feet! She's up to a size 8 in some shoes, 7 in others. I can't wait to get them in in the right size so she can wear them. They are from E + Me, the subject of my Small Business Saturday post from this past weekend :)

I finally got in gear with decorating the nursery and I think everything I have ordered for it has come in as of today! I got the crib painted. I just switched it from a pure white to more of an antique white to match the bedding we have. The last thing left to do is make the curtains (after I find the fabric I want that is), then make and hang the cornices that Juston is making me this coming weekend. 
Caroline has been a big helper for me while I've painted and decorated. We're using the same crib we used for Caroline, it was my dad's and my babies are the third generation to use them. 

This past weekend was the annual Cooper River Bridge Run that Juston and I did for the first time last year. I hated to miss it this year, but obviously, it's not an event I was in for at nine months pregnant. We will definitely be marking the date for next year's race because it has been my favorite one to date and I can't wait to run it again. This year, for the first time ever, two paraplegic's completed the race walking the entire way. I really enjoyed following along with them via the Bridge Run's official IG. Talk about true inspirations.

How cute is my little gang?! We're missing Lucy and Catty Cat, but I adore this picture. I love Dixie's little pose. 

Small Business Saturday: E + Me

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Do you ever go in a shop and literally want to buy almost everything you see in it? I have this problem every time I visit E + Me located in Troy, Alabama (with a new shop in Dothan as well).  It was on our visit to our sweet friends in Brundidge last spring that Mimi introduced me to this adorable little kids boutique shop and I am excited that they have an online shop now, too! 
Below, I'm sharing just a few of my favorites that you can find on their website now, all currently in stock. If you ever get the chance to visit the shop in person, GO! The girls who work there are all so incredibly sweet and helpful and you'll end up spending just as much time talking and you do shopping if you're anything like me! We have a few of the pieces pictured below and others I just really love so I wanted to share. It's my hope by doing these Satruday Small Business posts to bring them some business and spread the work. Small businesses truly are the heartbeat of small town America and I would ten to one rather patron a small business than some big box store any day.

I picked this dress up for Caroline on clearance last year in yellow and it is just so cute on! Fits pretty true to size but hers is a size 2 and it still fits her great. The style is generous. 

  I love the fun bright print and the flutter sleeves on the dress above.
If there's two things I love, it's chambray and scallops. I would wear this dress myself if it came in my size.
Pineapples...need I say more. 
I love this fun summer outfit. I think it will be the next thing to go in my cart :)

 This swimsuit remind me of Beaufort Bonnet Co. but it's about half the price and just as cute.
The Easter bunny brought Caroline some of these color in sets but hers were animal masks. She has had the best time coloring those and wearing them around the house! She even made one for her baby brother and put it in the hospital bag. 
 I just adore this necklace. I bought a mermaid necklace from the shop while we were in town and I want to see if she'll wear it before I buy any other type of jewelry, but I sure love this necklace!

Now, on to the boy selection.

I just absolutely think the little peanut outfit is too adorable and pretty gender neutral as well. Throw a bow on for a little chick and you're all set. 

The little outfit above, we have for baby boy and it is just as cute in person. Juston loves to fish so I thought he would really like this, too. Mimi picked this up as a gift for our boy and it was so appreciated.
Speaking of Juston, this little woodland creature quilt has his name written all over it! 
So, if you have little bitties all the way up through pre-teen, be sure to check out their website and you are sure to find something you love at E+Me. And just so y'all know, these Saturday posts are in no way sponsored, the shops likely have no idea I'm even posting them. But as someone who's owned a small business, I know how valuable word of mouth can be to its success. Happy Shopping!