36 Weeks

Thursday, April 7, 2016

How far along?  36 Weeks, practically full term already!

Total weight gain:Up 20 pounds.

Maternity clothes: Definitely

Best moment of the week: Caroline and I took a surprise road trip to visit Juston yesterday while he was working! I love a good surprise, especially when it makes people happy, and this surprise made all of us happy to get in a little extra family time. It's a bittersweet thought knowing that our family of three time with just us and Caroline is very limited. We are so excited to meet baby boy, but I just don't want Caroline to feel left out or neglected at all, ever.

Food cravings: Fruits, peanuts and raisins.

Feeling: In the mornings, I still feel great aside from my hips and sometimes back being sore the first little bit after I get up, but by the evening, I just feel huge and ungraceful a lot of days. I still can't really eat much and try to stay away from carbs to keep from feeling miserable. Considering I'm so close to the end though, I feel really great overall.

Baby Goodies Acquired: I need to grab two picture frames, a new breast pump and we're still discussing a double stroller, but aside from that, there isn't another thing I can think of that we need for baby or nursery to be any more ready. I'm sure things will probably pop up along the way, but I think (knock on wood) that all the essentials have been purchased and have arrived.

Symptoms: Lots of baby dancing and hiccups, sore hips from laying on them all night, sometimes my back gets sore, a constant pulling feeling on the right side of my upper abs that has been ongoing for a bit now and some drainage that has resulted in me coughing at night since about November.

Sleep: Depends on how much water I drink all day ;) But I'm usually up anywhere from two to four times a night. I always have the hardest time falling asleep anytime I awaken around 4:00 am. For some reason, baby boy gets super active at that time. 

Pregnancy Fitness: I was in need of some sleep earlier this week on what would typically be one of my workout mornings, so I chose to turn off the alarm and sleep instead, but am hoping to get back to the regular schedule for the rest of the week and would really like to start adding in some daily walks if the weather would only cooperate for me.

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