Favorite Spring Toddler Shoes

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

If your child has a foot that's anything like my Caroline's, then you have to purge old shoes and order all new ones at least twice a year. I can't believe how much my girls foot has grown just since the fall! Everything I got her for end-of-summer/ fall/ winter was a size 7 and fit her a bit big, now I have to order her 8's and some of those even seem a bit snug on her. I really need to take her to the shoe store to have her measured, but anymore, I do most of my shopping online, most places offer free returns and shoes all run different, so you never really know what size to order. I am currently in the process of ordering spring/summer shoes for Caroline so I thought I'd share what we end up with every summer, typically. I am a creature of habbit and she will probably have the exact same shoes, save for a few pairs, in every size in the same style. We find something we like and we stick with it. Some of what I've posted below we have already ordered and some I just like. 

This was the first year we've tried these Native shoes and after some trial and error, we really love them. The first pair I ordered in a size 7 and Caroline got blisters from them, which is when I figured out how much bigger her foot was than it had been about two months back, so I ordered the next size and now we're good to go with them.  I feel like these run a touch on the small side, but it's worth noting that Caroline's foot is a bit wider at the front, so that may be why they seem a touch small.

I will never tire of Salt Water sandals in the summer time. I typically order them in two colors, always either silver or gold, then a second color, typically white, pink or red. The only complaint I have about these shoes is that sometimes the ankle strap seems  to need an extra hole for length. Maybe Caroline just has thick ankles like her mama? Either way, we always have to use the very last hole on the ankle strap of these, but I love them and Caroline never complains about putting them on, so they must be comfortable, because she would let me know otherwise! These run true to size.

Oh the Crocs...my child has loved these shoes since she could answer which she wanted to wear. We currently have them in pink. You can get them on the online Disney Store in a wider variety of colors and sizes as well, but 9 times out of ten, these are the shoes my child will be wearing if given a choice and I really don't mind because they are so easy to put on her and clean if she gets them dirty. Say what you want about Crocs, but for toddler/ kid ages, they are awesome! The ones we've had seem to run a bit bigger, so you may size down when ordering.

We don't actually have these toddler Jack's but I sure love mine and these are just so darn cute! I'm not sure how well they'd stay on little feet as shown, but there is another version with a strap that goes around the heel. I've also seen some at Cracker Barrel of all places that look exactly like Jacks, just with a much better price tag ;)

Caroline has finally outgrown her pink Hunter boots that we've loved, so I'm needing to order her some new rain boots. I've thought about going on a ordering a 9 just to be able to use them a bit longer, but I'm afraid if I do that Caroline will trip and fall all over the place. I really liked the pink Croc boots pictured above and they come in a variety of colors. They are cheaper than the Hunter boots, too. Although, we've definitely gotten our money's worth from our original pink rain boots. 

So there you have it...our typical summer shoe haul for Caroline. I do usually order up a size in the Salt Water Sandals as well so that we can use them for two years and we have had luck with that so far.


  1. Love the Natives. I have them for my 3 yr old little boy and 7 yr old daughter and they love them too!!

    1. I do, too! I'm so glad I decided to try them. I sort of want them in my size haah!

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  3. Lol I thought the same thing