Thursday, April 21, 2016

I thought I'd do a post on what we've been up to around here the past week or so since I slacked on posting last week and the days are just flying past me it seems!

Tuesday, I took Caroline with me to my check-up for baby boy and afterwards, since she behaved perfectly the entire time, we stopped at Gigi's for cupcakes. I have to say, I have a very tolerant sweet tooth, but it was almost too much frosting for me! Never thought I'd say that! But they were delicious nonetheless. 

When this romper came up in my IG feed earlier this week, I had to have it! I'm thinking it'll be perfect for beach pictures this summer! And I can always find something for my home or my closet at Beaufort Linen! They just ran a 20% off sale but it only lasted one day so be sure and follow them on IG to keep up with when they do these sales!

I love how my girl is just always skipping through life. She has such a happy little heart. Always singing, dancing, skipping, talking and loving on people. 

Every weekend Juston is home, it hits me that it could and very soon will be our last weekend as just a family of the three of us. It's definitely a bittersweet thing to think. Am I the only mama who feels major guilt about having a second child? That sounds terrible I know, but I'm constantly torn between being so grateful for this little boy and feeling guilty like I'm taking something away from Caroline. I don't really know how to explain it and hopefully it'll pass once he's here. I think I'm just feeling all the emotions finally with these pregnancy hormones. 

I can't get over how precious Caroline looked before her dance class this week! She gets to feeling extra sassy when she gets her dancing shoes on! I think the tap part may be her favorite. 

I just finished this book last night and I absolutely LOVED it! Would definitely recommend it to anyone who loved to read "Chick lit" type of books. It's wonderfully written, funny, the characters are very well developed and I think every woman will find something she relates to in the main female character Leslie. 

I snapped this pic Tuesday before my appointment. Selfies seem so narcissistic, but I have loved looking back and comparing pics each week of this pregnancy and Caroline's. Speaking of this pregnancy, I think I am finally starting to hit the wall. I've felt great all along, which I'm super thankful, but the last few days, I've started dragging and just feeling so...stretched and uncomfortable would be the best way to put it I guess. I had a freak out moment a few nights ago because I was just feeling sort of funny and I found myself thinking I was going to go into labor that night. I didn't have any symptoms or anything, just felt odd. Well, I started to panic a bit because all of a sudden, I just knew I wasn't prepared in any way, shape or form. Not to mention immediately feeling like a terrible mother because I'd fussed at Caroline for not laying down the first 23456256 times I asked her for bedtime and thinking that I was going to have to leave in the middle of the night for the hospital and she'd be upset with me. 

My appointment went well Tuesday. My BP was 122/68, his HR was 136, I'm currently sitting around 4 cm dilated and he measured 39 weeks. Reallyyyyy hoping he's not a whopper. I think one of the tougher parts of pregnancy for me at the end is the unknown. I feel like if I knew for certain that he was going to arrive on April 22, that wold give me the peace of mind to have a deadline by which everything that needed doing could be done, I'd know when to have Juston home from work, I'd be much more prepared...but I guess that would take the mystery out of this whole process :) Hope everyone is having a great week!

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