Our Weekend

Monday, April 4, 2016

First things first...I'm currently watching the season three premiere of Southern Charm, my favorite smut show on Bravo TV. I've watching this show from the first episode, obviously my love for Charleston being the reason I watched it initially, but I seriously love the drama of it all. I admit it. Does anyone else watch this and love it? Cameran is my favorite, I remember watching her back in the day on The Real World. 

These adorable shoes came in for Caroline last Friday! I can't say no to pineapples.

These ended up being too small for her, so we sent them back to exchange them. I swear Caroline has grown two inches since fall and so have her feet! She's up to a size 8 in some shoes, 7 in others. I can't wait to get them in in the right size so she can wear them. They are from E + Me, the subject of my Small Business Saturday post from this past weekend :)

I finally got in gear with decorating the nursery and I think everything I have ordered for it has come in as of today! I got the crib painted. I just switched it from a pure white to more of an antique white to match the bedding we have. The last thing left to do is make the curtains (after I find the fabric I want that is), then make and hang the cornices that Juston is making me this coming weekend. 
Caroline has been a big helper for me while I've painted and decorated. We're using the same crib we used for Caroline, it was my dad's and my babies are the third generation to use them. 

This past weekend was the annual Cooper River Bridge Run that Juston and I did for the first time last year. I hated to miss it this year, but obviously, it's not an event I was in for at nine months pregnant. We will definitely be marking the date for next year's race because it has been my favorite one to date and I can't wait to run it again. This year, for the first time ever, two paraplegic's completed the race walking the entire way. I really enjoyed following along with them via the Bridge Run's official IG. Talk about true inspirations.

How cute is my little gang?! We're missing Lucy and Catty Cat, but I adore this picture. I love Dixie's little pose. 

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