Small Business Saturday: E + Me

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Do you ever go in a shop and literally want to buy almost everything you see in it? I have this problem every time I visit E + Me located in Troy, Alabama (with a new shop in Dothan as well).  It was on our visit to our sweet friends in Brundidge last spring that Mimi introduced me to this adorable little kids boutique shop and I am excited that they have an online shop now, too! 
Below, I'm sharing just a few of my favorites that you can find on their website now, all currently in stock. If you ever get the chance to visit the shop in person, GO! The girls who work there are all so incredibly sweet and helpful and you'll end up spending just as much time talking and you do shopping if you're anything like me! We have a few of the pieces pictured below and others I just really love so I wanted to share. It's my hope by doing these Satruday Small Business posts to bring them some business and spread the work. Small businesses truly are the heartbeat of small town America and I would ten to one rather patron a small business than some big box store any day.

I picked this dress up for Caroline on clearance last year in yellow and it is just so cute on! Fits pretty true to size but hers is a size 2 and it still fits her great. The style is generous. 

  I love the fun bright print and the flutter sleeves on the dress above.
If there's two things I love, it's chambray and scallops. I would wear this dress myself if it came in my size.
Pineapples...need I say more. 
I love this fun summer outfit. I think it will be the next thing to go in my cart :)

 This swimsuit remind me of Beaufort Bonnet Co. but it's about half the price and just as cute.
The Easter bunny brought Caroline some of these color in sets but hers were animal masks. She has had the best time coloring those and wearing them around the house! She even made one for her baby brother and put it in the hospital bag. 
 I just adore this necklace. I bought a mermaid necklace from the shop while we were in town and I want to see if she'll wear it before I buy any other type of jewelry, but I sure love this necklace!

Now, on to the boy selection.

I just absolutely think the little peanut outfit is too adorable and pretty gender neutral as well. Throw a bow on for a little chick and you're all set. 

The little outfit above, we have for baby boy and it is just as cute in person. Juston loves to fish so I thought he would really like this, too. Mimi picked this up as a gift for our boy and it was so appreciated.
Speaking of Juston, this little woodland creature quilt has his name written all over it! 
So, if you have little bitties all the way up through pre-teen, be sure to check out their website and you are sure to find something you love at E+Me. And just so y'all know, these Saturday posts are in no way sponsored, the shops likely have no idea I'm even posting them. But as someone who's owned a small business, I know how valuable word of mouth can be to its success. Happy Shopping!


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