Caroline's Dance Recital

Monday, June 27, 2016

This little cutie performed in her very first dance recital a few weeks ago. It's taken me forever to upload pictures from the good camera so I'm behind here, but how cute are these tiny dancers!

Caroline has been doing gymnastics for over a year now and absolutely loves it, but our gym is about an hour away, so when I saw that the local YMCA was offering a ballet/tap/ tumble class for the month before and of Carter's due date, I decided to sign Caroline up to keep from having to drive but still having her in an activity. 

She absolutely loved getting to put on her special shoes for both the dance classes, especially the tap shoes. She also loved her teachers so classes went really well and it worked out great with getting her to and from. Dance class was actually the last outing I made the evening before having Carter and the first place I went in public after having him for her class the following week, so little man timed his arrival very well :)

Each little girl got a certificate and a red rose after the recital, which lasted about fifteen minutes.

After her recital, Caroline informed me that she is only a gymnast, not a dancer and she was ready to go back to Morehead. I guess the shoes and adorable outfits weren't enough to sell her. I'm hoping she'll maybe want to pick it back up in the fall after a little break this summer. We are going back to her regular gymnastics classes, but I'm holding out hope she may decide to do both dance and tumble. 

Caroline with her teacher, Miss Tina and her blue teeth from the cookies after the recital. 

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