Fourth of July

Monday, July 11, 2016

I know I'm a week late, but I'm in catch-up mode as usual, so I'm just now sharing our Fourth of July weekend! It feels like it happened forever ago, so it's hard to believe this was all just last weekend. Our holiday weekend got off to a bit of an early start since Juston had a surprise date night planned for us on Friday. He took off work a bit early on Friday and my parents and sister watched the kids in shifts while we were gone. I left them with my parents, then my sister and her family picked them up and took them over to their camper until we got home. 
Our first stop on the date was Mitchell's Fish Market at Newport on the Levee in Northern Kentucky. This is the restaurant we went to on our very first date and this was the first time we'd been back since. After dinner, we headed to the second surprise of the evening which was Riverbend for Zac Brown Band in concert. This was our first date night out since having Carter and what's even funnier is our very first date night after having Caroline was to a ZBB concert. They were just as amazing as I remembered and I could literally listen to ZBB perform every single weekend and never tire of it. They are all such incredible musicians and put on such a great concert. 

We got home pretty late (by married parent standards), but decided to go ahead and pick the kids up so they wouldn't wake all my sister's family at the crack of dawn. 

I never knew there were so many adorable options for matching brother and sister outfits, but I'm loving them all! These are by Le Top and Carter's is from Hannah B's in Murrell's Inlet, SC and Caroline's is from They are the softest little outfits and were perfect for July 4th weekend. 

Saturday was cloudy and humid, but pretty nice overall. We typically head out on the boat with my sister's family on July 4th weekend, but the river was a big muddy mess with tons of debris from all the rain we'd had all week long, so since boating was a no go, the whole family got together at my sister's family camper for a cookout they hosted. 

I don't think she ever actually eats them, but Caroline loves roasting marshmallows with her Uncle Kursten. She loves watching him start the fire, too. 

Caroline just loves her Papa, too. We all ate some great food, sat around chatting and stayed at the camper until bedtime before heading home for the night. 

Sunday was a complete washout. It poured rain all day long so we did a whole lot of nothing. I got a workout in, me and the kids met my mom at church and I finally got around to ironing and cleaning. 

Caroline pretended to be a deer in one of her little colored masks from E Plus Me. We grabbed these while we were in Alabama a few months back and she has the best time coloring these in when the mood strikes. 

Me and the kids went all matchy matchy for church in our gingham. Juston was just glad I didn't put Carter in pink gingham, too! I just adore these sweet babies of mine so very much!!!

July 4th fell on a Monday this year so that meant an extra long weekend having Juston home and we were all excited about that! Turned out it rained alllll day Monday, too. We thought the city wasn't going to be able to do their fireworks, but it ended up clearing up literally about thirty minutes before the firework show started. We all pulled a bunch of chairs out into my parents front yard and sat together watching the firework show. The city put on a really good one again this year and Carter slept in my lap through the entire thing. We had a really great weekend and I hated to see it come to an end, but I'm so thankful we were all able to spend it together with family. 

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