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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Summer has just been flying by around our parts and we are trying to soak it all up while we can. I hate to jinx myself, but I honestly feel like the transition from one child to two children has gone much more smooth than adjusting to having just one child. Carter is such a sweet little baby and Caroline has adjusted to being a big sister like she was made for the job. There have been days where we've had growing pains, but as a whole, it's been such a great experience. I can't tell you how much I fretted over her feeling neglected or like Carter was taking away from her time, but instead, it's just added another element of fun to our time together (mostly). She loves to hold him first thing every morning when I bring him out and a lot of mornings, she'll even feed him his bottle.

I am one who loves to have a good book in hand, but I've had trouble carving out the time for it since having Carter. The books above are a few I have just waiting to be picked up. I have started Lowcountry Wedding and am loving it so far, just having trouble getting the time I want to read it all. 

We have already spent tons of time outside either in my sister's pool, where Caroline is now doing a solid doggy paddle without her puddlejumper on, or in Caroline's little pink plastic pool at our house. She had just started swimming on her own last summer right as pool days were winding down, so we basically had to just start over this summer, but she's doing great. 

Caroline's imagination is just one of the most fun things to witness and be a part of.  In the picture above, she'd left the room and came back with that skillet, then rared back and looked at me before informing me that she was Rapunzel. She's constantly pretending to be different characters or people that we know.

Carter's face in this picture cracks me up! If I thought getting a decent picture with just one child in it, I didn't know difficult ha!

Most days, Caroline will alternate between riding my old big wheels (pictured above), or my nieces princess scooter on my parents porch. She will just go back and forth all afternoon as long as she has someone to talk to while she does it. The girl is never at a loss for words.

We got to meet Juston for lunch one day a couple of weeks ago and eating out is definitely a new experience with two of them! I'd forgotten what it was like to have to lug around a diaper bag and a car seat. 

Is there anything sweeter than a sleeping baby in your lap?

Summer may be going past at a record pace, but  we still have lots planned to look forward to. We are heading to Lexington to hit the Farmer's Market this weekend, taking our family beach trip in a couple of weeks and planning a fourth (!!!) birthday party for a special little chick. I'll hopefully be taking my real estate license exam at some point before summer's end. I have a class to finish in the next couple of weeks first though. I was just telling my husband the other day that I feel like years down the road, these are the days that I'd give anything to go back and live all over again, so I'm trying to appreciate it all now while we're immersed in it. God has certainly blessed us abundantly.

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