Monday, August 15, 2016

Most of my "free time" these days is spent pumping breastmilk for Carter, so I haven't done a very good job keeping up with the ole blog (I feel like every post I do nowadays starts this way ha!).  But I'm trying my best to keep up wtih the milestones going on around here and we had a big birthday on August 7th! Our sweet girl turned FOUR years old! Man, it's going by quick. I decided to do Caroline's party on Friday since our birthday fell on a Sunday. I had lots of things I wanted to accomplish and do for the party, but a lot of things didn't come together the way I was hoping they would. I know Caroline still had fun though and that's what my biggest hope was. 

I gave her a list of options from Paw Patrol to princess and she ended up asking for a mermaid party, so that's what we went with. How cute is her cake! My aunt and uncle who own Magee's Bakery here did it for her and the mermaid on top matched the mermaid on her shirt perfectly. 

 I got the confetti from Etsy and had more thrown around out on the deck, which no one saw since it was hot as Hades and no one wanted to eat outside. 

When she made her wish blowing out her candles, she said "I wish that my Mama would sniggle with me every night.". I melted like butter obviously :) We were so glad to celebrate our sweet girl with our family and friends. I didn't do very well getting pictures. 

On Sunday, for her actual birthday, I'd made a pit stop by Gigi's Cupcakes and picked her up the Birthday Surprise flavor to have for her birthday breakfast. She was very pleased with my selection.

And since we share a birthday, Mama got a cupcake for myself, too ;)

We'd given Caroline most of her birthday gifts at her party, but decided to save the best for the day of her birthday, a brand new swing set. This bad boy was a doozy to accomplish. We ordered one from Wal-Mart online a few weeks before her birthday. It was due to arrive the Wednesday before her birthday and still had not arrived the day before her birthday. After calling for about the tenth time, Juston was told that it had shipped and arrived at our store in town, then when he told him they didn't have it, they proceeded to tell him it was out of stock. Annoyed was an understatement. DO NOT order from Walmart online if you want to get something timely or want decent customer service. I ended up finding a swing set in store at a Home Depot about an hour away from us, so Juston drove to pick it up, then stayed out in the yard until two a.m. putting it together by the light of his truck headlights. My job was to get out of the house to keep her form seeing it. We did a little scavenger hunt that led her to the swing set that evening once Juston had it finished. She was SO excited and has played on it every morning and evening since. Her reaction made the whole process of trying to get it all worth it. I just love this little girl more than I ever knew was possible. She is such a light to everyone she comes across and just had a knack for making people happy. She's so loved.

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