Tuesday, October 11, 2016

I think fall has officially arrived in the Bluegrass! And we have the front stoop decorated to prove it:) It's been holding steady in the 80's for most of October up until this past weekend. I was loving it, but I admit, this weather shift has me ready to lace up my running shoes and hit the pavement, something I haven't done near enough of since having Carter. 
Anyway, here is how we decorated the porch this year. Caroline went with Juston one day to Southern States and she picked out all the pumpkins and gourds. I want to grab another couple of larger pumpkins for carving, but otherwise, it's all dressed up for fall. I even have my window boxes dressed with pumpkins, cabbage and some pretty mums. I always hate to see summer leave, but I admit, I do love all of the beautiful colors fall brings. 

One day last week, while Carter napped, Caroline and I went outside and she painted a pumpkin she chose from the grocery store. We are going to do a family carving sessions soon, but I thought she would enjoy painting as well. You can see the finished product displayed on the porch above.  

And in other news, my baby boy started sleeping in his crib this week! I admit that I hate not having him beside of me at night, but I know he'll sleep better this way. He has been sleeping in a cradle Juston built when I was pregnant with Caroline up until now. The first night, he just screamed for about an hour before he finally fell asleep the rest of the night, but last night, I laid him down, he looked up at me before rolling over and going right to sleep. You can see a little thigh chunk peeping out of the hiney flap in his pj's....maybe I need to size him up ;)

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