Christmas Card PIcture Session

Friday, November 18, 2016

We had a quick photo session today on Juston's lunch break for some Christmas card pictures. I'm not sure which we'll use for our cards, but I just love them all :) We used a local photographer for these shots, Hayley Drake Photography, and we also had Carter's six month photos done earlier this week with Kacy Cierley Photography out of Northern Kentucky. She's done all of my kids milestone photo shoots since Caroline was born and she snapped a few of both kids in their Christmas pajamas so I can't wait to see those either. 

I just love how our photos from today turned out and I can't wait to see Carter's six month photos etiher!

Our October

Monday, November 14, 2016

These last few weeks have sure flown right by me and the next few through the holidays will likely follow suit. I just love this time of year, but some days I wish it would slow down. I haven't had much time to keep the blog updates, so I'm cramming all of October into one big ole post. 

We crammed October full of trips to the pumpkin patch (twice), the aquarium, Harlan, the state park, the zoo, trick-or-treating and more!

The weather around here in October was absolutely the stuff dreams are made of. It was still in the 80's most of the month, but the humidity was practically non-existent which made it perfect for being outside as much as we could.  

One morning, we picked up a small pumpkin one morning at the grocery and when Carter went down for his nap, we headed to the deck to paint it. Caroline loved doing this and it was the first fall decoration we put on the porch. She was so proud of it. 

Carter made his first trip back to Juston's hometown in Harlan early in October. The mountains in the fall is just one of the prettiest things you'll see. 
We managed to steal a weekday with Juston and spent the day at the Newport Aquarium. There were mermaids as part of a special exhibit which Caroline just loved. We hit Graeter's for ice cream after. I'm not sure which was better. 

We were lucky enough to be able to visit two different orchards this fall. First, Caroline and I had a day just the two of us and we went to Evans Orchard and Cider Mill and it was a crazy town with TONS of people, but we still had so much fun and managed to come away with some pumpkins, cider donuts and fresh apple cider. 


We also met up with some friends of ours and went to Boyd's Orchard a little later in the month. Caroline had so much fun playing with her buddies Kade and Brynn and the parents had a ball, too. Boyd's was SO much more laid back than Evans. There was just as much to do, but so many less people for some reason. They were very comparable, so I'm not sure why the difference with so many more people at Evan's. 

I know I will never get tired of coordinating brother and sister outfits, but I also know that unfortunately, they likely will, so I'm living it up while I can. 

We also took the kids to the trick-or-treat at Blue Licks state park and it was an absolute madhouse. I really don't think we will take that one on again. It was so jam packed and poorly run that I don't really think Caroline enjoyed it much and I know we didn't. 

A little later in the month, we had the perfect fall evening, so we carved Caroline's pumpkin, made a bonfire and roasted marshmallows. It was seriously such a great night. 
Last Sunday we met up with some friends at the Cincinnati Zoo and did their HallZooween and it was so fun. Caroline has so much fun with her buddy Claire and I always love hanging with her mama. We've been best friends since we were in second grade, so it's so great seeing our girls together.  Caroline changed it up and dressed as a Georgia cheerleader, which of course made my heart happy :)

Finally, we had out town trick-or-treat and another day of great weather so the kids didn't have to cover up their cute costumes with coats. Caroline decided pretty early on she wanted to be a superhero and that Carter needed to be her sidekick. She had a great time getting candy  from all the neighbors and Carter was just a giggly little happy boy the whole time walking around. 

As much fun as we had running around, I'm looking forward to slowing down a little bit in November and preparing for Thanksgiving and what's sure to be a busy December. 

Carter: Six Months

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Baby: Carter Scott
Age: Six months
Birthday: April 26, 2016
Weight: 17 pounds 5 ounces
Length: 26 inches long
Nighttime Sleep: 9:00-7:00
Naps: Usually a two hour morning nap and an hour and a half late afternoon nap
Clothes Size: 6 months or 6-9 months
Milestones Reached: Started sitting up by himself at about 51/2 months, started eating baby oatmeal and tried avocado for the first time (hated it). Sits up from a laying down position and is mobile. I wouldn't call it crawling, but he'll hitch his right leg up, prop up on his left elbow, dig his toes in and sort of drag/push himself to get where he wants to be. He'll put himself to sleep for his own naps in his crib and is just a great baby. 
We have six month photos with our favorite photographer coming up this week as well as six month shots :( Carter is obsessed with his sister and has the best disposition. He loves taking walks in the stroller, watching Caroline be a wild child, sitting around in the kitchen floor watching me make meals, scooting all over the place, riding in the car if he's tired (puts him out every time) and being carried all over the place, but only facing forward so he can see everything. We love you Carter man!