Thursday, December 29, 2016

The second stop on our December road trip was Charleston. Anyone who knows me knows that if I am anywhere near Charleston for any reason, I will find a way to get there. Well, I got to thinking and since we were tagging along on Juston's trip to Atlanta, then heading to North Carolina the following weekend, it only made sense to just swing through Charleston instead of going home for a couple of days and then back the same direction. So we worked in a Charleston trip :)

I can't even count how many times we've been to Charleston over the years, usually four times a year or so, but in all those trips, I've never been to see her all decked for the holidays, so I was so excited at the chance to go in December, and it did not disappoint. If it's possible, Charleston is even prettier dressed up for Christmas than normal. How about this door with that beautiful magnolia wreath?!
The sweet grass basket ladies were making and selling those magnolia wreaths for $40!! I couldn't believe how cheap for such great quality. I still have regret that I didn't buy one, but the Jeep was packed to the gills and I had no place to safely store it for the remainder of our trip. Traveling for more than a week with a toddler and baby requires copious amounts of stuff.


We stayed in Mt. Pleasant during our trip. With traveling at Christmas, it was just a more affordable way to do Charleston and still eat like we love to ;)
Our first stop on our first morning was the beach at Isle of Palms. We were only about a ten minutes drive from the beach if that and we were hoping to stop at one of our IOP favorites for brunch, so a beach stop was a must. The water was too cold for me, but Caroline had a ball and little Carter man was pretty happy to be at the ocean as well!  We ended up grabbing lunch at Windjammers on IOP and it was so good! We thought we were going into a different restaurant when we walked in to discover Windjammers was a bar, but they are a bar with great food! I got crab cakes, which were incredible, and we had the deck to ourselves since the bar was pretty empty in the middle of the day.

The first place we ate downtown was Pearlz for dinner the first evening we were in town. We'd never tried Pearlz before and it was amazing. Juston got oysters and Caroline and I shared shrimp and grits. Carter even got his first taste of the Lowcountry with my grits and his review was mixed. He doesn't react well to different textures still but he's getting better. 

I had a request to hit 82 Queen one day for lunch, which we did and below is a picture of our food. I've tried she crab soup at lots of places in Charleston and  82 Queen is still my favorite by far. Their fried green tomatoes were amazing as well, but Magnolia's still claims my top spot for those.

We didn't really do anything new this trip to Charleston, but honestly, the thing I want to do most anytime we go (besides shop and eat) is just to walk around and take in all the beauty of the city from the architecture to the gardens to the people to the marshland. Charleston has truly become like a second home to us.  

We met some friends of our who live in town at Hank for dinner on our last full day in town. The kids did so well considering we'd been away from home for a week at that point, and our dinner time fell right at nap time for Carter. Hank's is always amazing, but I just got a spinach salad since I was wrangling and baby and toddler and wanted to be able to eat something quick. Caroline and I also had designs on getting ice cream after dinner ;)

We had about a half a day on our last day in town before we needed to leave to start the drive to North Carolina, so we hit downtown again for a little bit of shopping and walking. My must stop shops when we are in town are mostly on King St. and include V2V, Copper Penny, Palm Avenue, M Dumas and the City Market (not on King St obviously). 

Charleston, you're stunning, and we'll see you in a couple of months.

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