December Travels~ Atlanta

Friday, December 16, 2016

We spent last week hopping around the Carolinas and Georgia and making stops in some of our favorite places. Our first stop on the trip was Atlanta, Georgia for a conference Juston was attending for work. The kids and I tagged along since we'd planned to add in some stops after this trip and even though the weather didn't cooperate, we still had a good time. I'd planned on doing a day at Stone Mountain with the kids while Juston worked and then also visiting the Botanical Gardens before hitting some downtown attractions. Mother Nature had other plans and it rained almost the entire time we were there. I'd packed swimsuits as well thinking we could swim in the hotel pool if the weather was bad. Well, the pool was outside and being resurfaced so strike two.we still managed to have some fun.


We ate dinner at PittyPat's Porch one night and the food was okay, nothing special, but the service was incredible. Our waiter was the sweetest man and was great with our kids. We went out with the whole group from the college that was at the conference and it was fun. 
Back to our waiter; Carter was enamored with him and watched everything he did. When he got close enough, Carter reached right for him. Terrance, our waiter picked him right u[ and told us to go ahead and enjoy our meal, he'd hold Carter for a few minutes. Well, he did one better and put little man out like a light and brought him back to us snoozing away. And don't judge us for letting a stranger hold our baby, we could see them the whole time ;)

 I just love Gone With the Wind so I had to snap a picture of Caroline and Miss Scarlett.

 Thank you, Terrance!

Caroline's favorite activity in the hotel, aside from making new friends, was riding the escalators.  She pulled a full on Elf when she first started riding them. I had Carter wearing him, Caroline in the stroller, plus all the luggage a baby and toddler require when she asked to get out and ride, so I said sure. I always loved escalators when I was little, too. Well, she didn't fully commit, got one foot on and ended up in the splits riding up. I know it was wrong to laugh, but was great.

We did have one sunny morning so we were able to walk from our hotel a few blocks to visit the aquarium, Centennial Park and World of Coca Cola. I was a little bit nervous taking both kids to such a busy place by myself, but they did so great. I wore Carter in a baby carrier and took Caroline in the stroller and it was so great. The Georgia Aquarium was incredible and very well laid out. We got to see sea lions, sea otters, beluga whales, dolphins and so many other neat things. It was pretty pricey in my opinion though and of course after an hour, Caroline wanted to go to the playground across the street.

How perfect is that picture! I swear the dolphins posed for it :) I'll do the next leg of the trip in another post...Next stop, Charleston!

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