Knocking out Milestones

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

This little man has been knocking out milestones left and right this week, so I wanted to be sure and document it here before I forget to do it. So far this week, he's started waving when you wave at him and say "hi" and I'm not positive, but I think he tries to say "hi" back while he waves. Shortly after he started that, he also started clapping. We would clap for him every time he'd wave, and so he started doing it with us. HE also says "Mama" and "Dada" occasionally when you ask him to, only if he's in the mood though.

Yesterday morning, he was playing with one of the little ride on cars at my parents house when he pulled up on it. Then out of nowhere, he just started walking along pushing it! I couldn't even believe it. He's become mobile so much sooner than Caroline did. It's so fun to see how different each child does things. Each in their own time. Still no teeth, but man does he love eating now! Especially sharing my eggs in the morning. It's been a big week around here and it's only Wednesday :)


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