Last week was a doozie.  I didn't realize until Friday evening that it was a full moon and Friday the 13th week which apparently created the perfect storm of crazy for me. Juston was out of town all week, my workout plan was basically non-existent, so much is up in the air for us right now (I don't do well with not having a plan) and the kids were not acting like themselves at all. Carter, who is normally the happiest baby you could ever meet, would scream for an hour or more straight and nothing would suit him, then out of nowhere, he'd stop, just like that. No rhyme or reason to it. Caroline is the best girl, but Lord if she didn't whine over every. little. thing it seemed like. And my patience isn't the bet to begin with, so I was at my wits end by Thursday and it was still another day and a half until Juston came home. I was ready to smack him by the time he strolled in the door all well rested and happy Friday evening. I don't know that I got more than three hours of sleep any night last week. The first thing I did when he got home was hand over the baby and head out the door to hit the gym. 

I try not to complain, nobody likes a whiner, but man if last week didn't have me waving my white flag before it was even over. Thank the Lord for a long weekend of having Juston home, three days in a row of working out and the return of my patience somewhere in between. Do you ever have those weeks that you just can't? I know so much of whether I have a "good" day or a "bad" day is in the way I react to the things that happen to me, so I'm trying to keep that in the front of my mind moving into a new week. I felt so bad when I lost my temper and raised my voice at Caroline late last week. She turned her little quivering lip under and tried so hard not to cry and I was trying not to either all the while Carter had no trouble screaming his face off. I just hope the full moon and Friday the 13th don't converge again for a good long while. Meanwhile, we're moving into a new week with a new and better attitude. I'm trying to remember that when Caroline gets whiny, I need to take a deep breath before I respond and have more patience with her. Carter seems to be over whatever was troubling him, thankfully, and we are hoping to find a new normal soon. Getting our house ready to sell mostly by myself while chasing my two kids around is hunting for a home in a new town I have no real desire to move to is stressful. Being a solo parent most days of the week while Juston works away is stressful. Deep breaths. This too shall pass. Perhaps I should take up yoga or meditating in the meantime.

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