Refreshing my Look with New Glasses

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

I remember in 8th grade, when I finally got my first pair of glasses, being amazed at the fact that I could actually see individual leaves on trees in the distance, that I could sit in the back of a classroom and read the chalkboard and that I could read road signs before I was right on top of them when we were traveling. I have been blind as a bat for as long as I can remember and while I've contemplated Lasik surgery, I'm a chicken and haven't pulled the trigger yet. 

Most of the time, I wear my contacts as it's just more convenient for my work (tumbling and cheerleading), for my workouts, especially running, and for playing with the kids all day since Carter is fascinated by trying to rip them off of my face at the moment, but sometimes, my eyes need a rest from my contacts, or my allergies get to bothering me and I prefer wearing my glasses instead. There are also times where I just feel like glasses are much cuter with a certain outfit and they are a fun accessory to change up my look.  I also feel smarter when I wear them ;) I've had in mind to pick up a new pair of frames for a couple of years now, but just haven't found anything I particularly cared much for yet. 

I have never tried Warby Parker before, but I think I'm going to give their at home try on option a whirl and see if I can't choose a pair of frames I feel like suit my face shape. Has anyone ever shopped with this company before? If you have, I'd love to hear about your experience with them and I will definitely be sure to share mine and let y'all know what I think.According to their website, you just choose five frames you like, the company will mail them to you to try for free, then you purchase the pair(s) you like and ship the rest back with the pre-paid shipping label. 
 I sort of have in mind that I want to get some tortoise shell frames, but I'm open to other options as well. The ones I use now are solid black Vera Bradley's and I still like them, but I'd love another option or two so that I can rotate depending on what I'm wearing when I choose to wear them for the day instead of my contacts. 

Here's a few of the options I'm thinking of trying: 

Trying the rose quartz would be branching out for me, but I think they could be really cute on and outside the box (for me at least). Obviously, I love the tortoise option, too.

I normally wouldn't choose something like this Rose style frame with the two colors, but they look so cute on the model that I'm going to give them a try. Nothing to lose since try-on is free and I can just send them back if they don't suit my face shape. 

The Wilkie option I'm showing is similar to what I have as far as color, but they are a more square shape as opposed to the rectangular ones I have so the shape would be a nice change. 

I'm really loving the Pearled Finish on the Olive frames as well. 

I'm leaning towards the Finch frame the most at this point in the striped molasses finish. If anyone cares, I will do a follow up about the at home try on process and if I find some frames that I like. If you have ordered from Warby Parker before, please let me know what your thoughts are :) You can read more about the company here if you're interested.

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