Carter: Nine Months

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Baby: Carter Scott
Age: 9 Months on January 26
Weight: 19 pounds .5 ounces
Length: Still just barely over 26 inches. Juston jokes about how he got my height all the time
Diaper Size: He still fits in his 3's, but I bought 4's that seem much comfier for him.
Clothes: Mostly still in his 9 month or 9-12 month things he's been wearing.
Sleep: He typically naps from about 11-1 and then again from about 5-6:30. Bedtime is 8:30 and he gets up around 7:30 most mornings.
Milestones: Standing up on his own for a few seconds at a time, he climbed an entire flight of stairs yesterday (with me right on his heels), he  mimics Caroline when she squeals over things, he's learning what "no" means and when to listen to that command and he says mama, dada and hi but only when the mood suits. Still no teeth and still sweet as can be.

And just for fun, nine months in, nine months out.

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