Carter's Baptism

Saturday, February 4, 2017

In an effort to catch up on some big life events I don't believe I posted about here, I'm backtracking a bit to November when we had Carter baptized at my church.

His little outfit and bonnet are from Best Dressed Child. His shoes are Angel Baby from The Frilly Frog.

Carter's baptism was something I'd planned to schedule when he was around six months old since that's about the same age we had Caroline baptized. Well, my sister asked me one day what I thought about having Carter and her youngest daughter, Camden baptized together on the same day, and I thought it sounded like a great idea. What could you share with a cousin that could be any more special? So when I asked her when they were doing it, it ended up being like a week and a half away. I'm a planner by nature and that was much quicker than I would have normally done it, but my sister's family keeps a crazy schedule with three kids involved in activities and sports always running around, so I just decided to go for it. I ordered an outfit for him, a cake and some cookies from the bakery and met with the preacher. 

Getting a decent family photo is proving more and more difficult so this was the best we could do. 

Carter and cousin Cammie on their special day. 

The baptism came at the very beginning of the church service, which was great since you can never predict how a baby will behave during an entire service. I wish we'd gotten a photo of the entire family together, but unfortunately we didn't. 
Carter was so well behaved. He went right to the preacher and let her carry him around and pour water on his head without fussing a bit. What was really neat is that along with Holy Water, there was also water from the river Jordan in the baptism water. The preacher had taken a trip there a few years back and brought the water back with her to use for such instances. 

After the service, we invited family and friends out to the house to celebrate with us. With Caroline's party after her Baptism, I'd been so organized and prepped food a day in advance. Well, poor Carter got a special cake, but we just ordered pizza since we'd been so busy and it was done on short notice. Sorry, second child. 

He managed to swipe himself a pawful of icing before anyone else got any cake :) It was a special day and I was so glad we were able to share it with my family. 

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